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Truthfully we had Paul, Griffin, and Jamal last year.

They are what makes us elite, but very obvious.

I believe what sets us over the top is

  1. Doc Rivers

  2. DJ's Improvement

But right now it looks like our Bench is what

is going to take us to the promise land.

The additions of Granger and Big Baby turned us

from a very good team to one of the best teams.

And Like I said with a healthy JJ

Collison, Crawford, Granger, Turk, Big Baby

We have the best bench i the league hands down as far

as fire power.

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I think it is time the NBA mentions Blake Griffin in the MVP race.

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Blake is a superior player to last year though, can't neglect that. Shooting alone makes him a better player, but shooting and an improved face-up game helps him a lot. Shouldn't even say improved, he didn't really have a face-up game. I said it all last year over and over that for a player like him who is more of an athletic, slightly undersized type guy, and not a Shaq type player, it is the face-up game and shooting that is more important in next level offense than the post up back to the basket type game everyone is always worried about.

Blake was an All-Star, but not a high level or superstar range guy with impact and production last season, and I don't mean because of the reduced minutes a reduces raw stats. He was still essentially a 20/9/4 guy if he wasn't playing just 32 minutes or whatever Vinny game him, but that alone isn't enough to be a high impact guy unless you are also a defensive anchor. This year he's taken his offensive game to another lever, and that adds an extra element to the team.

In terms of what else is also different from last year, I agree:

Doc which also means the offensive system which gives a fall back, and the defensive system which shouldn't make this team look like last years Charlotte Bobcats on defense.

Jordan being a more confident player, which means this year we should actually get playoff production from him

Redick giving the offense that extra element of motion.

On thing I'd like to see is the offense if the starters with both Barnes and Redick. Barnes' confidence and play is back up and Redick's motion combined with Barnes' corner 3PT shooting and willingness to make hard off ball cuts can really help to alleviate stagnation in the offense. We haven't really seen those things together this season.

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We have a major coaching advantage against most teams in the league, we actually have systems on both offense and defense instead of Vinnyball, Blake has taken a huge step forward, and this team can actually play some good team defense when they put the effort in.

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Repped High Quality Post

Stepping on the floor!

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^Repped, stepping on the floor makes us elite, when you got CP3, Blake, DJ, Barnes, Crawford!

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I'll wait to judge just how elite we are when the season ends.

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What I think that has changed this year to put us in a position to actually win it this year as opposed to last year is based off many things. Blake's game has been elevated, and both him and DJ's confidence looks to have gotten a lot stronger. DJ has a defensive presence this year, last year he barely made a sound in the playoffs. We have Doc's coaching as opposed to Del Negro's. We have a much stronger, balanced starting line-up, and also bench. We have shooters this year and an actual system. We have a confident back-up pout guard in Collison that actually will have playoffs experience. We also have a real backup big in Davis that can perform well on defense and offense. We have actual small forwards this time around! Butler and Billups didn't produce sh*t, and we have as a team prolonged to build our chemistry stronger.

And last but not least, our rosters simply did not match up well with Memphis, we can all agree.

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This time, the team actually looks good when the pace slows down.

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Its a bit early to say really, but I certainly feel really positive about the team right now!

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A healthy JJ Reddick will win it all.

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The West is just so damn stacked. We won 7 in a row, yet we barely made up any ground. I'm loving this competition.

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The West compared to the East at the moment is a bit ridiculous, so unbalanced.

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