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Clippers Building Toughness?

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There is one thing I really like about this team. TOUGHNESS! We have at least 6 players who will not back down from anybody.

Paul - Reddick - Granger - Griffin - Jordan - Barnes and not to mention the TOUGHEST Coach in the NBA. I see this team building toughness that teams like Houston, OKC, Golden State, and Phoenix do not have.

Do you see how much stuff Doc says to the Refs? He lets some of them have it like REALLY HAVE IT. I love a hard-nosed Coach like that , that isn't afraid to get a T ( In The Regular Season , He know how Important Composure In Playoffs Is ) for defending his own players. As A Player, that makes you work even harder knowing your coach will back you up and go to bat for you. Now, Slowly , but surely Doc personality will trickle over this team.

Chris Paul is already a pit bull and JJ Reddick doesn't take any crap from anyone. Thing about JJ is he competes every night , and he wants to compete and win every night. That's important for players to have that mentality come playoff time.

Now Granger or Barnes are really maybe the toughest players on this team. You go back and watch through the years, they are always in someones face. Now , that's not a good thing , but it could be. When playoffs come and things get gritty like against a Memphis team players like that will come in handy. I believe we should have won that series , but now when I look at this team this year and that team I know why we didn't. Toughness , We were soft like tissue paper last season. All the way from the coaching down. Vinny Del Negro was soft and that contributed to our team being soft as well. Doc changes all of that. He has mad our team tough , and he started with his first day as coach when he called Chris Paul and told him , " You haven't done anything , yet." Not shying away from telling the best point guard in the NBA the truth. What other coach would dare say such a thing his first day on the job? Popovich that's why I give the Spurs that toughness edge over those other teams.

Blake and DJ are really becoming tougher players. Blake ,as much as he gets hit, is really not backing down from the likes of David west and Zach Randolph. DJ guarding Dwight, Bogut and Gasol and other Top Centers. This is Doc showing all over these guys.

You cannot win a championship not just by being a winning team , but being a TOUGH winning team. Look at the Super Bowl. Broncos WoW! Great Regular season winning team , but lacked toughness. Seahawks , Whew! You didn't want to play those guys. They would beat you and beat you up! Great Tough Winning Team Won it All!

So the key for winning a championship for the Clippers is TOUGHNESS. You have to be tough mentally and physically and Doc started building it his first day on the job and our whole team is starting to show it. Out of the past 3 season, this Clippers team is by far the best , and the Toughest!

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I don't know enough about Granger, but to me only Cp3 and sometimes Barnes' toughness benefit the team.

Blake and DJ can be tough, but they get too emotional about it, which always leads to stupid techs / fouls. It doesn't matter if it was really the refs or the opponents fault, because in the end, all it matters is whether these plays help the team.

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You can win without being tough.

Now football, that's a prerequisite.

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I think we got a good blend of smart play and toughness. Pure tough was turns into the grizzlies which only gets you so far

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What is the last "Soft" team to win a championship.

I remember when the best team in the NBA and

championship favorites in MAVS were soft as hell

behind dirk, and they got they ass whooped in the first

round by the warriors.

They went out and got some physical players like Chandler

and they come back to win a championship.

Tough Physical teams win championships in the NBA. Period

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Is your world that black and white? Just because I said you don't have to be tough ( used in the context the OP used) to win a chip, doesn't mean I said a soft team can win. I also think you're confusing toughness with defensive presence. The Mavs weren't known and didn't have a defensive presence so they went and got Chandler. His "toughness" didn't win it for them, his defensive presence helped them over the hump.

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By your definition of what a soft team is, wouldn't the Miami Heat fall under that category?

Same with the Spurs.

And for the record Tyson Chandler is about as tough as 90% of the league. There's a difference between a defensive player and a tough player.

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Miami heat is no where near a soft team. Someone actually made a reel

on youtube of miami's toughness. They shoving people, throwing elbows, and they

have haslem and birdman to give hard fouls and clothesline people who get to rough

with lebron. Spurs are tough as well.

Because toughness isn't a "Stat" many people just don't know what it

is. Hence why you would ask about Miami heat, when they are as tough

as they come.

Just like the pacers.

Chandler is a hardnose (or was) bang in the paint,

physical defensive center. 90% of the league is nowhere

near as tough and physical as Chandler.

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I'm starting to get my hopes up - the next game will tell us a lot. Don't want to be disappointed but i think we are the most talented team in west. Might not be able to beat thunder but I think this team should reach conference finals. Anything less is a major disappointment

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Not that I'm arguing against you, but that seems to be exactly what you're saying here.

In any case, I do think today's NBA makes toughness into an asset. You can be physical and get away with it, just look at the way the refs let Memphis hit us last season. The obvious exception is if you're name happens to be Kevin Durant, in which case its absolutely unacceptable.

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I don't know if I would say we are building toughness because we were already a tough team. What we've seen so far this year is our guys learning how to grind it out. We were always great playing fast and free but have learned how to win even when we are not playing that great. We still want to rum and play free but if anyone decides they want to play slow and ugly we are not afraid anymore to get right down in the mud and slug it out.

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Agreed, what people generally describe as toughness in the NBA is kind of overrated, and if our win, you're automatically considered tougher too.

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Sorry, no it doesn't. You seem to think not being tough automatically means soft. I don't see it that way...You do. I suggest you read the first post to get a context of what he means by tough. My rebuttal is specifically catered to the context of what he describes as tough. A coach getting techs , getting into the face of the refs, and not backing down to anyone is just some of what he describes as "tough".

You describe the Griz as being tough but they don't have a chip to show for it. A team like the Spurs who I don't consider "tough, by your standards, beat them to get to the finals. Look at us this year, they're still beating us. The Grizz have a identity and it fits them well. We don't have that but I feel we can get further than them playing our way.

As far as us being tough, JJ went to shake the hand of Cousins after he smakced him down. Add insult to injury, Cousins left JJ with his D*** in his hands while he walked away. we are who we are but I don't think we're soft.

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To me, there are two types of styles in the NBA that win chips. They are, finese or tough. To me, finese is like the Lakers teams that did their SHOWTIME styles to win 3 rings in a row in the late 80's, and the ROUGH and TOUGH teams in that same era like the Pistons and the Celtics, who also won chips sometimes by just bashing and beating up the other team to get their rings. It takes one of those two types to get that trophy, otherwise, your team gets to go on a lot of fishing trips in June, LOL!

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Clippers are a TOUGHNESS team, we forced so many 20 sec violations last night and our defense Choked them!

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Toughness is really overrated. As long as your team isn't super soft its fine and our team definitely isn't that despite what some critics say.

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