Blake Griffin is Being Attacked Physically Way to Much (P. 2)

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I haven't posted on these boards in like two years.....and even if I had been, this still may be in the top 5 of the dumbest things I've seen in that time.

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TMZ spoke with one of the Clippers who tells us, "People always hate on the best � what do you except when you're the best?"

"There's NO FEAR and Blake isn't worried about the haters. We have Blake's back � but he ain't worried." ... fins-back/

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Sorry if this was discussed before in the past but I just came across this article with an interesting quote from DJ. I remember the team saying they would back up Blake, but I really have yet to see DJ or anyone else really do anything. I'm not saying to start a brawl or anything, but seems like this was all talk. ... ck-around/

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Indiana head coach Frank Vogel said with a laugh Wednesday. "We all know Blake gets more hard fouls than anybody in the league. But there's a reason for that. The guys that are guarding him don't want to get dunked on and end up on SportsCenter." ... api_public

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I'm surprised they got a comment out of frank vogel.. nevertheless a good article

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Here's some recent articles that may provide insight on why Blake Griffin seems to be a target of NBA opponents and his seemingly passive response to their attacks: Rob MaHoney The Fundamentals: The Frustratingly Good Blake Griffin SI March 11, 2014 Arash Markazi Griffin Turning the Other Cheek This Season ESPN March 12, 2014 Paul Flannery What Blake Griffin Is and Is Not SBNation March 16, 2014 Johnette Howard Blake Griffin Endures Hack Attack ESPN March 20, 2014 Since I haven't posted the requisite 95 messages, I am not allowed to post URLs, but these should be easily searchable. ....

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Here's an update since you've been gone: that guy's a troll. Don't feed it!


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When D. Howard was with the Magic I thought that he was mauled more than any other player in NBA history. (Shaq a close second) Since I've become a huge Clipper fan(because of JJ)Blake Just gets the .... Beat out of him almost every game! I don't know why the league allows this to happen? Maybe They just pick a player every so often to let everybody beat up on for entertainment sakes.

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I think Blake gets hit. I don't think I know he does. He gets hit more than those softies in and from OKC in James Harden and Kevin Durant

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It seems like lebron agrees cause after the pacers game he said he and Blake griffin gets to many hard hits.

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Yeah, but I don't think LeBron gets half as much as Blake. He called his and one on a drive against Lance and he wasn't even touched. How are going to call your own game? and worse how are the refs going to go with it?

Maybe Blake should start using that tactic, after the contact stop look at the ref and call the foul yourself (just kidding please just play the game and let the refs make the terrible calls on their own).

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