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I don't want to start fights, but I want to reply to some things (IMHO) and I have been going to Staples for a long time (liek since it was opened). To address this,many seats are broker owned and operated. Brokers jumped on the bandwagon at just at right time which was Blake's first non-playing year. A broker(s) owns most of my row of 19 seats, the row behind me except for the two seats right behind me. So many of the fans are from other teams because brokers got them. I was surrounded by epople wearing yellow last night.

As far as the threads commenting on the with oohhing and awwing when GS did something,there was a lot, and I mean a lot, of Warrior fans there. I have only been to 16 home games so far and this is the one with more fans then I have seen from an opposing team this year.

Here is another thing. I had my best friend with me, he is a Warriors fan and flew down for the game. He looked at me halfway through the 2nd period and made the statement about how we have the only team he has ever seen that has no home court advantage via the refs. He thought we were getting called for a lot of phantom fouls and they got a number of phony calls go their way. A lot of times we can called out for whining about the refs and the calls,here is a die hard GS fan admitting we do get screwed.

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