Rebounding Woes Gone?

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Anybody notice that since we got Davis+Granger that we've been killing teams on the glass? Before we were getting slaughtered and it was an Achilles heel. Adding two big bodies at their respective positions that can box out and board has been HUGE. It's scary to think how complete we can be with with Redick+Crawford back too.

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Honestly we were never bad on the defensive glass to begin with. We have been above average this season. It was last season where we had rebounding woes but yea Davis and Granger help us a lot because our bench was very weak at rebounding unlike our starters. Blake/DJ/CP3 are all good rebounders for this position.

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Yea so far in Glen Davis short clipper career he does all the things that don't show up.. He boxes out which is huge, hustles plays nice defense..

Our rebounding is def looking great. hopefully it continues to be that way.

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Davis And Granger bring one thing to this team -- not rebounding. SIZE! It is what the Clippers lacked. Ryan Hollins is a long toothpick -- not size. Big Baby -- Immovable. Dudley -- Just....

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Their depth also allows Blake and DJ to play with more physicality and risk taking when rebounding.

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We're still ranked bottom 10 offensive and defensive rebound rate. Davis will definitely help out the rebounding, but he needs to stop getting 1 foul per minute.

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I actually think their efforts of putting a body on someone as well as Barnes stepping up his game have been a large part of the improved rebounding. I also think CP3's return has also played a large part in it too.

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I would add Turk as well with Davis and Granger seem to all do a great job as a trio working together on the glass even though we give up length with Davis at C.

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Yea, can't say I agree with the team not being that bad. Currently the Clippers are 24th in DRB%. The raw numbers will look fine because this team plays at a higher pace this year and therefore there are more rebound opportunities, but that means little in an actual game.

I think about two weeks ago the team was 27th (maybe, I'm not sure), now the team is 24th, so that is an improvement, but still below average. The season DRB% is 73.1%. Here are the numbers the past few games:

Warriors - 86.4%

Suns - 71.7%

Hawks - 73.3%

Lakers - 92.3%

Suns - 66.0%

Pelicans - 76.6% (Granger didn't play)

Rockets - 70.0% (Granger didn't play)

Not sure this is enough to say it is gone. 3/7 games were below the season DRB% and one (Hawks) was right at it. I think we'll need a bit more to be able to make any conclusion, but big bodies and length are theoretically helpful. Of course the main problem is a giant outlier like the Lakers game, so we'll see the next couple of games since our sample with Granger is 5 games.

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Blake was really boxing out yesterday, I saw him one hand boxing out and the other jumping to gallop those rebounds, and he ended up with 15, all around awesome game for Blake yesterday.

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You have to appreciate that Blake recognizes against good to great teams he has to put the extra physical emphasis on rebounding.

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This is literally the only area that's preventing Clips from being the best team in the league. Just heard from somewhere that over the past 3 weeks, we have the best offense and defense per 100 possessions. We're also one of the best in the league this season at not turning over the ball. So all it comes down to is whether we can prevent opponents from getting offensive rebounds. If we can't do that, having a good defensive efficiency is useless.

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