ESPN: Blake Griffin Endures Hack Attack

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Finally someone gets it

"Playing great is still the best hay-maker he can throw"


"Griffin has drawn a league-high 516 fouls, 67 more than Houston's Dwight Howard, who is in second place." That is astonishing as Howard has Hack a Howard.

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Watching this BG highlight reel (although it didn't include that amazing recent putback), only reinforces why I am now a Clippers "supporter." Players like this come around only once in a blue moon (BG, Kobe, LeBron) and if I have one right in my backyard, where I can go right to Staples to see him play, why would I not be a "supporter?"

The League does, however, have to stop this "Rippin' of Griffin" because he is too valuable to the NBA. If MLB can protect its catchers, the NBA can stop the excessive hacking -- beyond normal defense -- of its stars.

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I'll go a different route. If NBA want to go this route with Griffin, let have a free for all for both Lebron and Durant and everybody else in NBA. I do not support violence, but I support physical plays. The best games are usually when the games are physical and emotions are high. As long they don't attack the players in mid air and land painfully, then they'll be fine.

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I think there needs to be a balance. A game filled with ticky tack fouls is painful to watch but so is a game where people are just hacking and real basketball can't be played. I would definitely like to see less charges being called.

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He was mugged numerous times last night. No call.

It seems like the refs get off on letting him get slapped around

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When I first read the title of this thread I thought it said "Blake Griffin Endures Heart Attack"

It almost gave me a heart attack.

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^ hahahahaha i did the exact some thing! totally freaked out for half a second!

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i was just about to mention that

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