Shaun Livingston's Road Back (Clippers shout-out)

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No matter where he is now he will always have a place in Clippers fan's hearts. One of my favorite Clippers of all time.

Shaun Livingston ‏@ShaunLivingston 31m

The clipper staff/family will always be part of my journey as I would not be where I am today without them! #grateful

Best comeback story in the NBA this year.

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His orange buffalo braves is my all time favorite jersey I have. Too bad its a youth large lol!

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Shaun was always one of my favorite Clippers as well. He was the 4th pick, and it was really exciting to have him and see him play. I'm glad he's doing well now and HEALTHY- took a ton of hard work and will on his part.

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I wonder how it would've turn out with him healthy

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Only if we could resign him after collison walks this summer

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one of my favorite clippers. If my memory serves me right we won that game he got injured and a couple games after that. I just remember Cassell tagging his shoes with #14. His passes use to be pretty sick. I was expecting him to be more of an assist machine but haven't seen to much of that.

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I always try to catch a Nets game on tv because of Livingston. He would perfectly in Doc's system

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No he Couldn't, he still can't shoot, Doc's Obsessed with players who can shoot, Look at the Roster man.

But Mad Props to him for his comeback. Kinda Weird though, seems like Him getting hurt led to all the Good Fortune the Clips have now, like a horrible Snowball Effect that somehow worked out well in the Clippers Favor.

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Bring Shaun back! I would love to have him back as a backup.

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double post

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I didn't think this really deserved its own thread so thought I'd post it here. If this is true, it looks like we could've acquired Vince Carter back in the day. I understand why we passed, but with 20/20 hindsight, I can't help but imagine how we would look back then. Cassel, Carter, Maggette, Brand, Kaman sounds pretty formidable. ... ore-Injury

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