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NEW ORLEANS � Eventually, the Clippers were going to be punished with a loss. Despite wins over Detroit and Milwaukee in their last two games, the signs were there � inconsistent defense, stagnant offense and plenty....

Posts: 3331
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Holy Crap! When did that Matt Barnes - Rafer Alston & Shaq fight happen! I knew Barnes was fiery , but dang. I wish Shaq still played. He just came in and shoved everybody lol -- off topic

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I'd rather Dudley be used at the stretch four than Turkoglu if we are going to use one. He's smaller, but he's the only guy of the Hollins/Turkoglu/Davis/Dudley group without high turnover and foul rates, and while he's a little slow SF, he's mobile at PF and would defend the pick and roll a lot better than Turkoglu or Davis. Turkoglu is particular seems terrible defending pick and rolls. I'm kind of surprised Davis and Turkoglu have locked down those spots, I thought we would try to mix and match with Davis, Turkoglu, Dudley and Hollins depending on the matchups or game to game needs, but instead we've been static with a pair that isn't very good.

My problem with Davis and Hollins together is their combined turnovers and fouls, 12 fouls and 4 turnovers per 36 between the two is pretty ugly, especially when consider how little they shoot.

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CP3 had probably the worst game of his life last night and we still gave ourselves a shot at winning the game toward the end. SH*T HAPPENS!!!

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man Hubie Brown is annoying haha

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Well, this loss has been on the cards for the last week or so with the way we've been playing.

On the positive side, after the Memphis loss I hoped for a 12-3 or 13-2 run before we headed into Dallas and the Clips pulled it off, so I'll cut them some slack for the loss. But on the negative side, we're going to have to see a complete shift in attitude from top to bottom (including Doc) in order to come home with a positive record from this trip. I can't see why he didn't try Hollins on Ajinca or even give the rookie a shot at Miller last night. Turkoglu has been awful lately. He shouldn't be getting minutes.

It sucks that we have to go into Dallas on the back-end while they're streaking, but that's the NBA. It's a huge test for the lads. If we can win tonight, we can put last night to bed. And Saturday's game is obviously huge too... but then it was always going to be.

CP3 going 0-12 is quite the anomaly. There's a good reason they keep averages and I expect him to bounce back soon. I just don't like when he gets timid about shooting his elbow-jumper when a few don't fall. It f*cks up the whole offense and we end up taking a worse shot late in the clock.

Anyway, this is what sports are all about... building strength and character through adversity.

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If the threshold is 4, then Blake has similarly had an equal amount of poor games, two I remember would be losing to Cleveland and getting blown out by Phoenix, and he sucked one game against Memphis.

Paul has had a few more than that in terms of subpar games. There's a limitation to the ability or a 5'11 - 6'0 guy to force himself to the basket or to the FT line that isn't as present with a guy like Blake. Even in a poor game, Blake can still get some high percentage looks from lobs, fast breaks and dump offs, Paul really doesn't get those kind of looks to help him out if he's off. It's the curse of being a small guy.

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Ouch. Tough loss. 2 things, Blake should have completed the 3 point play and that tech on Barnes proved to be huge. Had we been down 1 point, they probably could have drawn up a better shot for the win. I also think that if Chris Paul doesn't double clutch the pass and hits Jamal in rhythm, he would have hit that shot. Gotta win tonight.

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That's a very good point. If Blake has an off night he is still a physical freak of nature. If Chris has an off night he is just a normal sized guy in a land of giants.

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he still the floor general though. he could not make a shot but he was still making plays for our guys.

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