Despite Catastrophic Injuries All Year, Look At The Numbers

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I was surprised to discover that despite the team losing Crawford+Griffin in recent games, our team continues to climb statistically.

We now have the 1st ranked offense and 6th ranked defense, despite massive injury problems to key guys literally all season long. This is happening in the best NBA year of all time (in terms of how many teams will likely finish winning percentage wise), and in the most competitive western conference year ever. Last week we were the 2nd ranked offense, 8th ranked D. Imagine if we had less injury problems? I could see us being something like the 1st best offense by quite a ways and 3rd ranked D. To go with the top seed in the west probably. Next year is going to be nuts if the team continues to buy in and mesh.

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I think we are benefiting from an easier stretch of schedule recently (which likewise hurt us earlier in the season), but it is certainly the case that the team doesn't appear to need any one particular player to be successful. Kind of like the Spurs in that way.

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I think each injury was a blessing in disguise. It brought out the best of our players and not be so dependent on our superstars. Collectively, each role player can contribute. We all know when CP was out, DC took over at the point and Blake took over and carried the team. This also brought out the best of BG. JJ and Jamal out, we the team forth a collectively effort. Like we would like to see, just imagine everyone healthy with all these improvements.

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The bond this team has really showed in the Houston and Minnesota games. Blake carried this team while JJ and Paul were out. This team rallied together and showed Blake that he can trust them. He picked this team up and they just did the same thing for him.

It's scary where this team can go.

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I am actually very impressed on how this team has carried on with all the injuries. NEver ever can I recall a team stepping up like this when they have had men down. There is one combo I think if it went own would kill us but I (being superstitious) would never bring the names of that combo up.

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3rd ranked defense probably wouldn't have been possible even if healthy because the defensive Achilles heel is defensive rebounding, and none of the injury issues are really any that would have alleviated the defensive rebounding woes. 3rd ranked defense would also mean being a better defense than the SA Spurs, and that's just not happening this year, their personnel is superior, especially on the wings (Leonard/Green), and inside they are still better,

The difference between 7th (current BBall reference rank) and 3rd from basketball reference is 104.4 Drtg and 101.9 Drtg, the injuries don't make a 2.5 pts/100 difference in the defense. Their's the elite, Indiana, Chicago, SA, the just below elite, GSW, OKC, healthy Memphis (probably elite making a top 4 if Marc was healthy most of the year). Then I'd say the Clippers are knocking on the 2nd tier door along with some other teams, and are really good and but in a similar ball park to Charlotte, Toronto and Washington, and Miami who is 11th in Drtg is knocking on that door, but they have been a very inconsistent defensive team and aren't very good this year despite still being good.

They do have the potential to play much better defense in the playoffs though, that's the thing.

I know I'm giving Memphis more props despite having the same Drtg as the Clippers, but Marc Gasol their DPOY and defensive anchor missed 23 games, they're a different team on defense when he plays. Well, on everything.

While not to the level of Thibs and Chicago because he's too intense, but somewhat similar to what Pop does, Doc has helped the team to take injuries in stride and keep playing their game, and that has been great.

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Why do we have such a problem with defensive rebounding? Because our bigs are always rotating to contain the player that just blew by our wings. The Dudmachine started more than a quarter of our games... getting blown by and allowing the opposition's big to get the offensive rebounds. Matt Barnes has been out a few games, and has started to show that he can be a very helpful rotational rebounder. If you need a simpler answer, we're starting 5'10" Darren Collison because Reddick is out, and with our defensive scheme causing a few mismatches several times a game, it's not uncommon to see DC get duped by a 6'8" wing he's trying to box out. Injuries have affected our defensive rebounding, and therein our defense.

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