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Really interesting thing also is that if the guys just slowed down a little and got CP the ball in some of the late game possessions where guys go too excited and turned it over, the team had a very good chance of winning the game. Let's not forget about FT shooting either, Clippers are like a 73% FT shooting team, so shooting 73% would be 24/34 which would be 3 more points.


LAC: 16 / 13.7% (Season: 12.8%)

OKC: 8 / 7.1% (Season: 14.1%)

FT Shooting:

LAC: 21/34 (61.8%)

OKC: 26/32 (81.2%)

Clippers aren't likely to turn it over 16 times consistently, and OKC isn't likely to only turn it over only 8 times again. In a 7 game series, the Clippers should win the turnover battle. Durant isn't likely to shoot so poorly over a series, maybe one or two games at most in a 5 game series he could shoot like that. Clippers were about -5 pts due to turnovers and FT's last night and that's neglecting the easy basket that came off turnovers for the Thunder. Just straight up if they had 2 more possessions and scored at least 1 pts/possession and then hit 3 more FT's.

So to be honest, this game was really not that bad. Paul and Griffin had their ups and downs, but we got:

25/5/8/.596 TS%

30/12/1/.539 TS%

from the teams best players, that's a good sign especially with the 3rd option scorer out

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Clippers looked too nervous to win last night - especially BG. When the game was tight, Blake turned it over with that ill-advised pass (he would never throw that in the first quarter). Also, both foul shots were short, the second barely hit the front rim.

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You should considering the way he is shot in the 4th this year.

but the stigma that Jamal only goes one on one is ridiculous we run set plays for him as well and his time in the 4th is usually followed by Blake and CP re-entering the game and then it becoming their time. Lebron and co won back back to titles going one on one. Isolation is a huge part of playoff basketball the key is to finding a balance not abandoning one thing totally.

One of the most important things that Doc has done is to get this team to embrace the grind out play as well as the uptempo play but apart of that also comes with experience. Last year we didn't have that grindout mentality but this year you can see it in everyone that played in the that memphis playoffs series attitude.

We will run sets but ultimately the playoffs will come down to our ability to defend and BG,CP,JC and JJ ability to make shots.

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Actually Mascot, we are ahead after 3 quarters 68% (53 out of 79 games) of the time. The old "Seems like/opinion" vs reality strikes again. Razz ... rs/14/12/1

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Want To bet? Smile

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After the OKC game, I afraid of only the Spurs. JJ still has some rust that's all. OKC was on its heels and ripe for the picking to mix metaphors.

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The last few games we've been down, that's what I was saying... PXH, Dallas, OKC.

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That was a disappointing loss but it may be a blessing in disguise, because odds are OKC was going to win the rest of their games anyway. If we had won, this would put a lot of pressure to go 100% for the rest of the season which could backfire. The singlemost important thing at this point is to just get healthy; the last two years we've been beaten up going into the playoffs (remember CP3 getting injured like a week before last years?) This year we do have some nick-nacks but there is enough time to really get back to form.

Assuming we meet OKC in the second round, yeah, they are scary but I have a lot of faith that Doc can gameplan against their relatively simple iso-based offense. If we go up against GSW in the first round, it's even better because they are also a high-scoring iso-based offense and will be good practice (in the five games it takes to beat them).

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didn't think the DJ dunk was better than the very underrated Blake dunk on Ibaka. Blake dunked on him chest to chest no off arm it was truky awesome. Still this team needs to get healthy and rest Blake and Barnes.

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Which is why we must rest the starters at least the last two games!

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Portland game on Wed. is going to be meaningless plus it's a back to back. I think we should play everybody who is healthy tomorrow and Tuesday and leave it to Willie, Bullock, Duds, Hedo, Baby and Hollins play most of the game in Portland. Probably DJ and Collison need to suit up and run a little bit but don't take any risks in the last game.

Portland probably does the same thing in that game.

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Ok, but you didn't say that at first. wink

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