Looking Ahead to WCF -- Clips vs Spurs or Rockets

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Clipper D-League Pickup
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Well, I'm feeling pretty good going into the playoffs this year. Our roster is solid, and although we aren't 100%, all of our players are going to be ready to go once the playoffs start.

I know it's jumping ahead, but I'm fairly confident that we will plow through the first round, and then beat OKC in the second. Although Durant is playing out of his mind, he will need a healthy Westbrook by his side to have a chance in advancing.

So skip ahead to the WCF. Obviously, I'd rather play the Rockets over the Spurs, but how likely do you think this is? Do you guys see the Rockets taking this series? They are 3-0 against them this year so far. Even if the Rockets extend the series to 7 games and wear the old Spurs down, I think it will give us a huge advantage.

What do y'all think?

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I want the Clippers to silence all critics. If that means playing Golden State, OKC, and Spurs. Then so be it. After this year if we get to Finals. I do not want the haters....

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Rockets are obviously the preferred match up, but we have unfinished business against the Spurs. Beating the Spurs on our way to the finals would be amazing

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For me it is really not time to jump ahead. Lets take it one series at a time. We have a damn good chance with the way the team is set up right now but you never know how its going to go. Health is a key issue.

Lets not jump ahead, the team has done nothing YET.

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Where is OKC in all this mix?

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thinking the first round is gonna be just as hard as the WCF. the west is stacked and its not that far-fetched to think that a team like the Suns could make a run.

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Why are we looking ahead? Especially past the first round for?

Clipper Starter
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Can we delete this jinx thread please?! Weren't we talking about RW's injury last year when we were up 2-0 on Memphis? How'd that work out for us?

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DELETE THIS JINX!!!!! What are you people doing talking about WCF when we don't even know who we play in the first round??? And just assuming we crush through OKC?? uggggh c'mon clipper nation. This is how teams lose to the bucks or the magics of the league...

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Ridiculous thread. You might as well just say you feel pretty confident Clips will win the championship.

Clipper All-Star
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No such thing as a "jinx thread". Stop being so superstitious. Razz

Seriously though, it's best to not think about the WCF until the Clips get there.

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Getting past the first round and OKC in the 2nd round is tough enough lol.

Clipper D-League Pickup
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I apologize, I didn't know people would would be so angry at this thread. I'm a new poster on this forum, so my bad.

Mods, can we please delete this thread?

Clipper All-Star
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Don't apologize. You're not the one who's being ridiculous, it's the people talking nonsense about "jinx threads" and whatnot. While I do agree that it's best to not look too forward, it's ludicrous to claim a forum topic can "jinx" the Clippers.

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Repped High Quality Post

Jinx shminx.

Heathy, the Clippers have the best team in the NBA and an elite coach.

Name a BIG THREE that is so balanced? A REAL center, a REAL point guard and a REAL power forward and a Real Sixth Man of the Year candidate. No one is playing out of position -- like Pau as a center years ago. We even have an enforcer in Matt Barnes.

This team plays offense and defense and can lock down the opposition for minutes at a time. Along with two crunch time, big time scrorers who shoot a high peercentage -- CP3 and BG.

Obviously, the long time Clippers fans here on CTB are a bit gun shy, so optimism is hard to come by. But, objectively, you will find this team is a lot better than even the most rabid fans have thought.

Don't worry, be happy.

(Of course the NBA refs as I say over and over again, will try and knock us out of the Title -- so the Clippers had better play all forty eight minutes.


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My vote,delete this thread. NO good comes from counting your victories before they exist. That is the baseball fan in my and that part of me is very superstitious. ONe step at a time.

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