Blake Griffin Suspended 1 Game for 16th Technical Foul

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Well, apparently the league didn't rescind the tech, so Blake is officially suspended for the final game of the season. I believe this is the first time in his NBA career Griffin has been suspended, and hopefully it's the last. The issue probably is that he shouldn't have accumulated so many T's throughout the season, but thankfully for the Clippers it only has a minuscule effect. The suspension is going to cost Blake $200K in salary, so certainly not a trivial amount.

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His agent is on the phone to Kia right now, negotiating a $200k salary bump for his endorsement.

Gives thy a finger Mr. Silver.

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Are all these techs gonna count in the playoffs? Cause I know if you get your 17th and 18th and so on, game suspension increases by one with each tech... So anyone know if they count in the playoffs?

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All technical counts reset in the playoffs.

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Blakes Ts are for the most part crap IMHO. He gets hit with a sledge hammer , gets spun and in his spinning and due to his strength he takes someone down so he gets the foul. Same thing Durant does but the fouls go the other way.

Face it ya'll we are Clipper Nation and we get no respect and won't. For you newer fans, something you live with. For some reason the CLips have always had a big target on their backs,they are just a way better team now and generally fight out of it. If Blake would have watched CLipper games when he was a kid he would know what he was stepping into.

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200gs dam

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