Matt Barnes May Be the Key to a Clippers Championship

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Or so says Grantland.

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Sort of like,search the internet and you can find any one of our guys named as the key. But that is fine, as long as all these keys step up.

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I don't usually read grant land cuz there a bunch of idiots over there but I actually agree with that. Why? Well because let's just say we make it to the second round against the thunder were going to need him to some way not stop bubble boy but slow him down. We know granger is going to play Saturday but we don't know if he's going to have the speed or movement to really keep up and defend. So that's why I believe matt Barnes is actually really important to the team,and just the energy he brings he can score the ball (sometimes he shoots more than he should) but I'm a big fan of Barnes

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Barnes will have a big impact offensively if he plays down the stretch in games, he is not afraid of the moment in the least, and I can picture him hitting some meaningful corner 3's. However, defensively he will be very limited. It's unfortunate, but due to his negative reputation, officials will call fouls on him at important moments, whereas players like CP3 can get away with reaches here and there because they have wonderful reputations.

This is why we need Granger to get in game shape, because he might be "permitted" to play defense on Kevin Durant.

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Matt Barnes isn't "Key" to anything. IF he plays well that is a bonus,

but if he doesn't we will still win games.

The key to this championship outside of the cp3 and blake will

be DJ's defense and rebounding.

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I didn't bother reading the article but I do agree with the idea of Matt Barnes being key to our success in the playoffs. He's definitely our enforcer, and the playoffs are the epitome of grind time. Behind CP3 and Blake Griffin, I'd say Matt Barnes is the hardest working, grittiest, grind it out player we have on the team. He may even be more intense than those 2 who are our star players. I know we're pretty much unstoppable when Barnes is playing well. He does everything outside of handling the ball, and he's the best perimeter defender we've got.

Of course, Blake, CP3 and DJ are the most important pieces for us, with Redick and Crawford being right up there as well, but we can't ever over look Barnes and what he brings to the team. I feel like he's going to be really special for us in these playoffs.

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I don't see how Matt Barnes is the key, he will play his usual pesky defense, make a few cuts make a few 3s, but he ain't no key...

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Y'all should still read the article. It's a great story about Barnes, after all.

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If he make his shots like Redick we will normally win those games. Some made threes helps a lot and his fast break points are very important against teams like OKC and San Antonio.

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