DeAndre Jordan Finishes 3rd for DPOY for 2013-14 (P. 2)

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2 different style of playing. We are the #1 Offense in the league, and score the most points. So of course we are not going to hold a team to 85 unless we only score 90-95. Spurs team defense is better than ours, but after watching the Spurs vs Mavs Duncans defense wasn't too dominate, especially with....

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Being able to play your role without mistakes within the team system is a skill on it's own and it's something Jordan struggles with at times and something he struggled with in game 1 and was part of why we struggled defensively at times that game. Duncan is an absolute master at team defense, Marc Gasol very good at well. Ibaka is more like Jordan, tons of blocks, but not as always as strong in his team play, if you like blocks though Ibaka is at least close.

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He played 45 minutes game 1, he made mistakes at times and it cost us. He made good plays as well and was a net positive, but not so many he was miles ahead of every player in the playoffs. He's always been a guy where you take the good with the bad and he's done a good job cutting down the bad and is a very good player, but the bad is still there compared to more polished players.

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I successfully jinxed Duncan and the Spurs tonight, need to talk up how good they more often.

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Sheesh, sorry, DJ has been great, let's just keep it at that

Not trying to be mean, but I really can't say I agree with any of those. I think they COULD be decent measure sticks, but "great", I don't really know about that postman. Basketball is just much more dynamic than that.

Also just remember that there is always one big problem with saying I've watched all the games, and therefore I know. It's the assumption that we should trust your ability to judge defensive impact and how intently you were focusing on the play to play defensive impact of a player. That's a lot of trust for you to ask of us isn't it?

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Lol Mike Smiths Most IMPROVED Player ballot includes: Kevin Durant, Lebron James, and Blake Griffin, obviously a mixup but still funny lot-gaffe-throws-wrench-in-nba-mvp-and-mip-voting

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yes dj was robbed of 2nd place

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