Reason for Optimism in the Aftermath of Sterling's Comments

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I know that a lot of Clippers fans, myself included, have been feeling slightly defeated and viewing the postseason and future of the franchise rather pessimistically due to the recent controversy surrounding Donald T. Sterling. However, I realized something. Of the numerous Clippers' teams I have watched over the years, this Clippers' team has been by far the most resilient group of guys and the most united team I have witnessed take the floor for the Clippers. They have dealt with and overcome constant adversity like a true team and have evolved from a talented group of individuals to a basketball family. When star players went down with injuries this season, other players stepped up in ways that were never seen on past Clipper teams. Doc Rivers is a big reason why this group has become a team. With Doc at the helm, all of the players bought in and supported each other. Doc led Deandre to improve not only through encouraging him, but more so through his encouragement to DJ's teammates to trust in him and encourage DJ to instill a united belief. Everything this team does is as a unit. I cannot remember ever truly believing that to be the case on a past Clippers' team. That is why if any Clippers' team is capable of overcoming this situation and playing their hearts out together to bring home a championship for the fans and the city of Los Angeles, I believe it is the 2013-2014 Los Angeles Clippers. BELIEVE.

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Repped for having a nice, positive attitude. Smile

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And it's going to happen, I know it will. Doc's only goal is to give these guys a ring

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Thank you for this. Great to see a Clippers fan being optimistic too.

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Doc has said he doesn't know if he wants to return next year. Clipppers are at risk of losing sponsors State Farm being the first its going to take a hell of a lot of hope. Sterling stays this team may not survive.

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Sterling says?

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No question if sterling is still the owner this team ain't surviving. No player is going to play for him after this season. No coach will coach for him. No sponsors will sponsor this team. I don't think he has a choice but to sell this team.

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Best Case Scenario:

Here is my dream what will come out of this. The players play their hearts out for their dreams, family, and for the fans. This will show the NBA that they are truly the best, mentally strongest players in the world. If they win a championship this year, they will be known as one of the most admired team of the history of the NBA. Imagine the headline - Overcoming racism as a team, winning it all, 2014 World Champion Clippers. It takes courage, discipline, and focus to do this but the way I see it, nothing is impossible. Clippers Fans, NBA fans, sports fans, and dare I say the media will support this team to overcome adversity to achieve their goals. If players, coaches and staff truly have one goal in mind at the beginning of the season and have the conviction to not let ANYTHING stand in between them to win it all, they must prove they are winners by overcoming this shame to the team.

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I'm hoping the recent Magic Johnson news gives the Clippers players a light to see at the end of the tunnel and they come out next game and play with the focus and passion they've displayed all year.

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I like the optimistic outlook. I don't share your optimism, but appreciate the positive attitude.

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This only works as a best story if sterling is removed. The team can do all that but if Sterling stays he still gets credit and a ring. This is an internal battle Sterling can be banned for life from games if he is the official owner he gets the due.

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