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This guy actually made sense. I know its a different time and so on , but this made a lot of sense to me. History tends to repeat itself and if this will be one of the highest viewed games and players take that away the league will have no choice , but to act. Donald will have no choice , but to act. This is still bothering me. I have friends and family calling me about this issue , I can't imagine how the players and others actually associated with the franchise must be dealing with. I just decided to share this with you guys. I hope the Clippers grow from this and that Great Good can come from this Terrible Bad. The Los Angeles Clippers may finally be able to rid of the cancer that has plagued this franchise for many years that is Donald Sterling.

#staySTRONG #WeAreOne #ItsTime for Sterling to Go , but still #OneTeamOneGoal

I actually see this whole debacle being made into a 30 for 30 on ESPN. I also see this all ending with Sterling gone and a Los Angeles Clippers NBA Championship

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I think sunday proved to me that the Clippers are not mentally involved in the game. I honestly don't think we will win this series now...its become bigger than just basketball

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Haha I said the same thing about the 30for 30 thing in a different thread

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That guys makes a lot of sense, it feels like the players are getting tainted by Sterling and heinous nature and this may well be the way to say "NO I don't, won't and can't represent this man in anyway". CP's body language after the game was saying he depressed and maybe even felt beat by the events, this will give him and the team their pride back. Is it risky?........hell yes! but drastic times call for drastic action.

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I think the most demoralizing thing for the players is that people don't see them as ball players right now. Their achievements have been case aside and overshadowed. That is why the attention should be on them.

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they're not gonna show up mentally prepared anyway so might as well sit it out

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If it was game 4 fine toss it out but what if the fans come packed to support and then no game happens. Refunds better be available.

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To be honest, our protest and a player protest don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Picture this: both teams take the opening tip and then immediately walk off the court while the crowd, dressed in all black, chants "#WeAreOne," all on national TV. The message that would send is far more meaningful than the score of a single playoff game that, in the grand scheme of things, means nothing.

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Keith Olberman has no right to tell Clippers players what they "must" do.

He seems to forget that one of the net results of the 1964 all-star strike was the players eventually unionizing. The very idea of a trade union is that a handful shouldn't have to suffer alone because THEY are the only ones in a bad situation. If the NBAPA votes to strike and boycott the entire playoffs, that is their right, and it would be far more effective in achieving their goals than a single team forfeiting a single game.

If LeBron and Durant are not going to boycott THEIR games in solidarity, I see no reason why Clippers players and fans should be the only ones to suffer. Let the organization that speaks for ALL players make the call.

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So Olberman is telling the Clippers to call the NBA's bluff? I get his logic, but what if it doesn't work?

With that said, it's very ballsy, but I like it.

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I've always disliked olbermann -

Took pleasure in him getting ousted from msnbc and becoming cave man

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Best interview I've heard regarding the subject was by Bomani Jones. He just became my favorite journalist. He goes off for 10min and makes some extraordinary points!

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