Doc Rivers Needs to Make Adjustments to Draymond Green (P. 2)

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because on every rebound and made basket now CP is walking it up. The ball is never advanced ahead anymore and we already have limited ballhandling because of Barnes....

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I feel like me and you have discussed this. Yes,

Chris Paul has been great defensively! But what about offensively? You can't just disregard offense. Basketball requires efficieny and contribution on both ends don't you get it? Stop letting CP3 off the hook. If he can't penetrate the lane and hit a 15 footer or a floater more efficiently then I feel bad for us fans and the Clippers. I love CP but he just genuinely has been underperforming. I checked the box score last night and he had 2 TURNOVERS in the first quarter! I mean he's been TO prone this series and just disappearing on offense! I mean he's hit some big shots but that's not good enough. He's the leader of this team. He's 29, Blake is only 25. Far from his prime, and to be fair Blake has been playing pretty damn good overall in this series! Aside from foul trouble which has affected his overall play, as opposed to CP.

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I think CP has been in foul trouble 3 of the 6 games.

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Not really interested in playing the blame game here but if you want to by all means. Blake was bad in game 1, game 5 and game 6. He doesn't have the job of guarding the opposing teams best player and the Warriors don't have any bigs that should be able to contain him on the defensive end. In comparison, Paul has the job of guarding Curry and Thompson and is playing hobbled. Not to mention he is guarded tightly by Klay Thompson. Not really comparable situations.

Anyway we will see what happens tomorrow. Hopefully Chris and Blake show up because if they don't we will likely lose.

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God damn, just went over every game's box score and Chris Pauls turnover have been through the roof. In game 1 he had 6 turnovers holy hell! And in another game he's had 5 and so on. That's why we been losing. I truly believe so.

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Lol, Blake was terrible in game 1...? Dude, he had 16 points in 19 minutes. Made every free throw and was just on top of his sh*t! Game 6 was his only game. Game 5 was tolerable but we at least won. Like I said, Blake performances have been bad in terms of him fouling a lot. And bro, Lets be real, guarding on the perimeter shouldn't call for so many fouls the way it does in the paint. How on earth can we explain why CP has been in foul trouble so many games in this series? So many turnovers? His IQ and consistency should surpass Blake's. But it's not showing. And like I said Chris Paul is in his prime. Blake has a lot of room to grow. What's Chris Paul's excuse for underperforming? He's scored big before on the Warriors so WE ALL know he is capable. Injuries and BS aside, CP3 deserves a lot more blame than Blake. Straight up. Hobbled or not, CP3 should be playing smarter, turnovers have nothing to do with him being physically hurt.

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