NBA To Appoint CEO To Run Clippers During Transition

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The NBA will appoint a chief executive officer to oversee the operations of the Los Angeles Clippers while they remain in limbo following the suspension to Donald Sterling.

Andy Roeser, longtime president of the Clippers, will remain with the team for now.

The NBA will immediately begin the process of identifying a CEO for the Clippers.

Via Sam Amick/USA Today ... Transition

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Good news... I guess?

Anything that distances Sterling from the team. Seems like Doc is really invested in the franchise to take time out and visit the back office staff to reassure them. Him staying on after the playoffs is key. The players will follow his lead.

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Doc sounded like he was staying during the doctrine.

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what was he saying? I can't watch prime ticket.

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We all know who should run the Clippers, Isiah Thomas.

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Just give the job to DeAndre. He's already doing everything for us anyways.

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First order of business for the CEO is to hire and GM and revamp our scouting team

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Just a gut feeling...I think Doc stays regardless of what CEO comes and runs the team. Doc is just too well-respected in the organization to be run out.

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I like the name - fits our ocean location and is unique. My second choice would be the dream - but I don't love it. Haven't heard any good alternatives

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He glowed when ESPN (or TNT?) got his reaction to the possibility of Magic owning the Clippers. It was a GREAT interview!

The greatest Laker ever wants to own the Clippers. great story!

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It works because Jim Buss alienates all the Lakers greats; he thinks he can do it alone. The sign of a great leader is to surround yourself with people who are, in many ways, better than you. Steve Jobs had Steve Wozniak, the computer/code genius. Dr. Buss had Pat Riley, Jerry West, Phil Jackson, etc. He was not threatened by them He allied himself with them. Doc has Alvin Gentry, a former head coach. Rivers is not worried Alvin will take his job. No, he trusts him to add to Doc's genius. Just like when he had Tom Thibedoux.

But Jimbo dissed Phil Jackson twice, forcing him to go 3000 miles away. Could it be further? He has refused Magic's help, although offered many times.

Thus, Magic, though the greatest Laker, is like a lover scorned. I am sure he would love to bury Jim Buss -- and then hope a new Lakers regime, in a number of years, will restore the Lakers and create a true, amazing inter-city rivalry with the Clippers.

Two great teams, one great city. Now that would be amazing.

And for those of you afraid that Magic will create Clippers Farm Team for the Lakers, he answers to the Guggenheim Group. They're not going to spend a billion dollars for a farm team.

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Just ran across this and who better than Doc to be the CEO, that would be freaking awesome, don't think the way Doc has navigated these murky waters has not gone unnoticed by Adam Silver.

Good read; ... ippers-ceo


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The NBA needs a "buffer" guy between themselves and Doc. There's something of an inherent conflict of interest between the guy who is charged with winning a championship and the guy whose job it is to keep the franchise profitable and attractive to potential buyers.

In theory, if Doc wanted to, he could load us up with bad contracts and go deep into luxury tax just to "win now" only to financially hamstring the Clippers for years. It's a good thing that the NBA is installing somebody to keep an eye on the books... and an even better thing that they're seeking Doc's input.

This way, the league office won't be overseeing every little day-to-day detail, putting a competent businessman in charge negates any argument Sterling may raise about the other owners running the franchise to benefit themselves, and Doc being a part of the selection ensures that we'll have a cohesive front office in the interim while deepening his ties to the team's fortunes.

Good way to run a business.

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Doc has been the face of this franchise and the epitome of leadership during this turmoil. If he stays the players do the same. The key is just cleaning house and throwing all things Sterling related to the garbage, sorry Shelly. Once the organization is free of Sterlings appointed guys the league can deal with the legal aspects that Sterling is sure to bring up

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