The Great Talent Evaluator Loves Kaman's Decisions?

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Coach Dumleavy is alone on an island, living in a world that only he could exist. After the last game he told the press, all of whom had their jaws dropping, about how well Chris Kaman played. Never mind that he missed 10 of 11 shots, never made it to the line, did not block a shot, and often times looked like his mind was somewhere else. Coach said it was great how he made great decisions. I guess Dumleavy was talking about how he made the great decision to keep on shooting on a night when his shots were not dropping for him at all. If Kaman played so great, how come Dumleavy yanked him and only let him play 20 minutes.I think Kaman just needs a break. Time to start others and let Kaman sit on the end of the bench where he can daydream without hurting his team. Aaron Williams and James Singleton will at least give us effort every time they are on the floor. Hey, even give Davis a start. Bring Baby Shaq over. Sign Sun Ming Ming to a 10 day contract and give him a run. Do something, anything, but brag about how well Kaman played.

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Well let's hope that Kaman has a better tonight at New York- making good decisions and MAKING the shots Wink. I have a feeling that he's going to bounce back. It'll be a good test for him going up against Eddy Curry. The last game (back on New Year's Eve) when the Clippers beat the Knicks Kaman had 8 points and 13 boards while fouling out. Curry had 15 points and 5 rebounds.

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It's such a hard decision to make on what to do with Kaman. I think he needs to get tough (physically and mentally) and bring some fury and nastiness to his game. And I agree he needs to play limited minutes. Give him 20 mins and have some combination of guys (not Brand, keep him at PF) to play the other 28 minutes.

This could be a bounce back game indeed. What else could you ask for in having to play against Eddy Curry who is playing pretty decent right now. Is Kaman gonna handle the challenge??

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Well I'm a big Kaman supporter. Although he hasn't lived up to what we thought he'd be this year, I think he is going to be a good NBA center. He has good post moves...though sometimes he uses too many on one possession. He needs to go quick and if it isn't there kick it back out. I think one of his problems is that he thinks if he kicks it back out, many of his teammates (Cassell, Mobley, Maggette) won't give it back to him when he reposts. Tim Thomas is the one exception to this. He seems to always be willing to throw the ball back inside once its come out. The other players need to take a lesson from him.

But Kaman does need to be more aggressive when he gets the ball inside. He tries to finesse way to many shots. Go in there and dunk that ball big man! As far as his 1 for 11 night, every player has nights like that. He shouldn't have been 1 for 11 because he should have dunked a couple of them, but he did get tapped on a lot of those. Balls that rolled around the rim or went in and out.

When I watch the games, I don't always like the way that Dumbleavy uses Kaman. I see him catching passes at the top of the key a lot and the team forgets about him for long stretches. I think that when he gets the ball, he feels that he has to do something with it even if he's not in a good "spot" for him because it won't come back to him for awhile. That's the thing with big men...they need to be put in positions to succeed and I don't think he's being used the best. Another thing that I have a problem with is that Dunleavy has Kaman guarding agile big guys a lot. He's had Kaman defending guys like Dirk and Garnett for much of the game, when Brand is much more athletic and able to move around better than Kaman. I know it's to avoid foul trouble with Brand, but it doesn't help Kaman's game to have to guard guys like that.

I know with the way the team is playing this year that it is easy to single out a player, especially after a bad game. But I think that EVERY Clipper is down from last year, statwise. Brand, Cassell, Mobley, Maggette....we can go down the line and say that this team isn't living up to last year's standards.

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Yeah I agree that Kaman should get the ball more- lately they haven't gone to him much at all. But yeah he also needs to cut down on the turnovers and be more physical with some of his moves. Maybe instead of going straight up he should position his body so that he's going up and towards the rim on those power moves. Although he's a finesse player it wouldn't hurt for him to try and finish with more authority and draw more fouls. He also needs to consistently hit that free throw area jumper to make guys pay for for slacking off of him.

Defensively I think he is nimble enough to do a serviceable job guarding some of the big, agile power forwards. But he really needs to be do a b better job guarding those big centers one-on-one- he's got the height and he's heavy enough.

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