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Great season. Though the way it ended, 1st with Sterling and then getting shafted by the refs leaves a bit of a bitter taste.

But we got stronger again, hopefully we can get new ownership without too much of a protracted struggle and Doc can make some great moves in the off season to push us onwards again.

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We destroy all clippers record in the past, best clipper team ever assembled.

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I am with Pagec4 on this one. We ended on the same note under the old regime. Yes, we scraped off a few more wins, a few more records, and all that good stuff. But in the end, it ended the same in terms of how far we could get. This team on paper, underachieved and that is the truth. You want to talk about injuries, Thunder lost Westbrook for the better part of the season and they beat us in the end. No more excuses, this team failed.

I would have been grateful if they got swept in the WCF. That's all I wanted from this team this season and it was more than attainable. So no, I ain't giving them a pass this time. According to some, a new coach would have solved the problem and in the end, even a top coach couldn't get us past what a mediocre coach could. This core has been together for 3 seasons...3 seasons. Having a new coach and system is not an excuse to fall short. How big is an actual playbook to learn? we as a team have never been past the second round, and neither has CP3. As far as I can tell, things haven't changed one bit.

Maybe I'm a bit cold in not giving them the ceremonial pad on the back but I don't think they deserve one. As a life long Clippers fan, I think my expectations this season weren't set high. And in the end, they let me down once again. Sorry, no soup for you!

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Will Ralph Lawler still retire?

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No, he said he's coming back for one more season

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I can agree with this. To be fair we did reach a new level because with the core we got swept in the second round so getting two games what should of been 4 ain't bad.lol

We need to take the Pacers mindset next year and go all out for the one seed. Not only would it give us more favorable matchups but it also would give this team a greater confidence. Even though we lost at home in 6 and not on the road to say every series runs through home would be a hell of an accomplishment. Doc needs to worry less about shooting and vets and add some needed size depth and youth.

This was a letdown year but after all the drama there is so much room to continue to improve.

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Hell of a season, terrible ending. We are close. This is the first season I truly felt like we belonged with anyone. I don't think you can say that for any Clipper season. I trust Doc will absolutely make the right subtractions and additions to make us stronger going forward. All we need is a little tweek here and there. The main pieces are already there. The guys have already been though playoff battles so they will be ready next year. We need to try to lock up the top 1-2 seed next year. And DJ, you have to work on your FTs man. That is just pathetic.

Can't wait till next year. I fully expect us to challenge OKC and SAS for the best record in the NBA next year.

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This was the first season where Blake and DJ really contributed in the playoffs - That's valuable experience. We have certainly made strides, and yet there is so much room for improvement. Right now, I think we were easily the 4th best team in the league, behind Miami, Spurs and OKC. It sucks that we were left out of the WCF, but it makes sense and I take no shame in it. We will be even better next year.

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Disappointing season, and frustrating that the West is just so deep. How sweet it would be to be in the Eastern Conference...

Even Mavs (8) and Grizz (7) had the talent and experience to make it to the WCF, the conferences are so unbalanced.

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In the beginning of the year when the roster was constructed, I said this team was 2nd round max. Was I still disappointed that we lost? Yes! I actually thought we were a better team but we just made too many bone head mistakes. Plus the lack of size in our wing proved to be probelmatic.

Next year, our top priorities should be an SF and a back up big. Same as last year

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Ariza was the exact type of player we needed. Good defender and good 3 point shooter.

Yea we also need a better backup big. Big Baby is ok but I don't think he fits with our team that well.

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Now that I am over the loss to OKC, I can reflect on the Clips' season and I must say that it has been a successful one when you think about how Doc had to instill a new system with new players. It's been a process that the players have embraced. They started to click well at the very end (minus the ref baloney). So there is great hope for the future of the team. I think the core group of CP, BG, JJ, DJ will learn from this experience and will be even better next season. They all have to just remain healthy all throughout the year.

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This was the most exciting, emotional and nail bitting Clipper season I've seen. I stopped watching the news on TV unless it was related to sports, missed my reality shows, and had my car radio on ESPN sports. Clippers I can't express how much love I have for you. I hope we can keep this team together, I believe there will be some trades and drafts but PLEASE keep CP3, DJ, BG, MB, JJ, DC, and JC. The Clippers are now considered one of the top 3 teams in the west. Every Time I turn to a sports station the Clippers are in the conversation. We made Charles Barkley scratch his head and say "mmmm". Can't wait till next season.


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