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Losing and choking are not the same thing. Someone always has to lose, so just because you keep saying CP choked doesn't make it reality.

Yes, he's lost in the second round 3 times, that's life, teams win series backed up by players, but players don't win on their own.

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He choked the two biggest games of his career away almost single-handedly. Period, end of story.

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JQuick32 wrote:
He choked the two biggest games of his career away almost single-handedly. Period, end of story.

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ok so trade him now? i think continuity is the solution.

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Can we just trade the fan who hates CP3 so much?

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With a package for the Blake haters too?

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yup.after we trade cp3 if blake chokes in the playoffs next year then we are going to trade him. what a logic.superstars choke in some way.what we need is more playing time for our core under the new system of rivers.durant westy ibaka etc have been together for years already under scott brooks. they even choked every time.the team needs continuity from dj blake and cp3. add a big(length rebounding defense) backup pg and a reliable 3D wing.Then gain experience and develop chemistry especially on defense and the team will be ready for the playoffs next year.

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I think everyone in the hoops world agrees that CP3 is the best point guard in the league. He does just about everything and his team wins. But I didn't realize how much better he was then the other PG's around the league. Numbers wise, it's not even really close. Chris Paul is head and shoulders, according to The PG Index, better and more efficient then even his closest competition. I can't post the link but The PG Index on StraightHoops lays it all out, and it's startling. Good read, and good for CP3. At least it is evident to everyone now.

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I agree. He is the best PG by far and to me still a top 5 player in the league. Look we all know he played bad down the stretch of game 5 but every superstar has had choke moments.. Magic against Boston in 84 let the shot clock run out and on the next play turned the ball over. Even the GOAT Jordan choked against Orlando in 95 letting Nick Anderson creep behind him and steal the ball and then turned the ball over trying to throw a bullet pass to a cutting scottie pippen. Give CP3 some slack. If the GOAT can make mistakes so can anyone else. Here is the link to the article JohnnyBallgame was speaking of.

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