Donald Sterling Control of Clippers to Shelly, to Sell? (P. 3)

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I'm getting excited! Hopefully this can get resolved quickly! I need some resolution and something to be excited about for next season.

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Exactly what they are up to. The 400,000,000 Dodgers went north of 1 billion so they could sign the 8 billion dollar TV contract which basically covers the payroll for the next 25 years. Of course the TV contract insured no one in LA can see them anymore unless they have TWC,we are now called the TWC Dodgers. They pull in an average of 37000 viewers,less then are at the games, because no one has TWC or wants to change providers, or wants to pay the extra 5 bucks a month TWC wants the other providers to pay (even though we all have to pay 4 bucks a month for the Laker channel that no one watches).

The Clips are not worth that much but the billionaires see how the Guggenheims and MAgic got rich with the tv contract. Doesn't matter to them if any fan sees the Dodgers on TV, the owners got paid and they have sold more ST then ever. Clips will be the same. ST are almost all sold out, the new owners will make another unreal TV contract, The Clips become the TWC Clippers (or the Oprah Clippers) and we regular folks are stuck without seeing our team anymore.

MArk my words, mark this post. You can smell this coming a mile away.

Oh yeah,not to mention Frank McTurd got rich selling just as the Turdlings will (and McTurd still owns the parking lots).

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Is TWC the only option? Would seem pointless to have the Fakers and Clippers on the same package no? You bring up an interesting point, I have FIOS for instance. Can't I just buy the NBA TV package and still get the Clippers games? Not to mention, shouldn't we expect many more nationally televised games next year?


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If you live in the L.A. market (or anywhere else where the Clippers have their designated broadcast territory, such as Las Vegas, San Diego, and Hawaii), you would still be blacked out on Clipper games on the League Pass....

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NBC said that the Sterling's been getting offer up to 2.5 billion.

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Report: Donald Sterling's lawyers say they have gotten offers in excess of $2.5 billion for Clippers ... s/related/

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NO,but they have the bucks. What could change this though is supposedly AT&T will buy Direct TV and Cox wants to buy TWC. That could change the landscape.

RIght now as an LA Dodger fan your choice is TWC or nothing. THey conned all the providers but DISH into 4 dollars a month for their Sportsnet channel which is exclusive to the Lakers and the only way to see the Lakers. Many of us thought that channel would carry the Dodger but no, they created a new channel so they can charge you again. So it would make sense that if TWC got the Clips contract they would probably make another channel.

If a Dodger fan from LA got the MLB package they still can't see the Dodgers whether they are at home or on the road, so I would assume the Clips would be the same on the NBA package.

But of course this is all speculation. If FOX lets the Clippers go they are pretty much done in LA except for Angel baseball and I think the Kings.

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