What if Steve Ballmer to change the Clippers team name? (P. 3)

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Right on - thanks guys and thanks for the feedback. I finessed it a bit, added a few things, and thinned out the type.

Joe - your mark is dope. That would look nice flat with some type.

Cleepers - I like your idea too. If I have some time over the weekend I'll bang something out like that.

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yes, I did only list two..but scroll down and see how many other teams people have mentioned. Red, white, and blue colors are very "common."

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Keep the name, although the Los Angeles Braves AND The Hollywood Knights sound awesome, we should see the Clippers name as a challenge to make something of ourselves to overcome the Sterling situation. A new logo absolutely yes I'm all for it, get an awesome picture of a sailboat and put the same los angeles script above it, none of the total lakers ripoff. Change the colors to the colors of the nautical jerseys and embrace the clippers name. I'm looking forward to seeing what Ballmer has in store

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Los Angeles Lights

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I actually totally agree with this. I wished the blue alt would have had LAC or Clips or something different about it rather than just being the exact red jersey done blue. Even different sides or something to look different.

But at least we have the light blue sleeved jerseys! (Sarcastic)

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I'm ok with rebranding but can live with the clippers name too. If we rebrand I would like to to see Los Angeles SuperStars. One it plays to fact that Los Angeles is home to stars and the super gives a shout out to ballmer home town of Seattle and the loss of Supersonics.

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I'm sorry....... lame! SuperStars sounds like a Wnba team........

I'm all for changing logos but not the name.... someone earlier said "would be nice to make a better name for ourselves" kinda of like a "started from the bottom" scenerario..........

I love the colors but an alternate of the braves orange with (maybe) some grey (not black for sure) might be pretty awesome..

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