What Can the Clippers Do with No Upper Limit on Budget?

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OK so now that we have the wealthiest owner in sports history, I think we should consider what can and cannot be done assuming money is no barrier.

Obviously there are other barriers. The luxury tax can limit what we spend and how we spend it, regardless of willingness to pay penalties.

But what can we do with it?

Here are some of my thoughts, combined with some thoughts mentioned at clippers:

We can trade for guys who are on smaller contracts that are ending then use their bird rights to re-sign them for higher amounts and going way over the tax. We can make moves where we take on money but still are under the 125% of the value going out.

We can get a dedicated TV network.

We can get a dedicated Radio station.

We can pay a general manager a crapton of money.

We can buy the best analytics people in the industry.

We can buy a better medical staff.

We can pay for better scouts, both in the US and internationally.

We can pay for better trainers and specialty coaches, like better shooting coaches and better free throw coaches.

We can upgrade player benefits, like travel accommodations and food.

We can upgrade the Clippers Spirit and half-time shows.

We can buy our own D-League team and staff it with our own coaches.

We can buy a late first round draft pick for three million.

What else can we do?

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That is probably most important, AMIRIGHT?

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I hope we can get a D-League team. Then we might see players like Bullock and other get some time

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A d-league team in Ontario would be great. I'm guessing that might be to close to home, but that would be cool.

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better hall time shows would be great..

maybe an orchestra for live music during halftime..

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Not a CLipper TV channel,if that happens it will no doubt be TWC again,then I'll lose coverage of the Clips as I did with the Dodgers. NO ONE but we few will want to pay a cable company to watch the Clips.

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It works for the L.A. Kings, who have the Ontario Reign. I live close to Ontario, so for me I would love that idea

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Be nice if he would lobby the NBA that teams should be allowed to make supplementary payments to players - outside of the salary cap - that would cover their state income tax, since we are effectively operating at a competitive disadvantage to Texas and Florida teams when attracting free-agents.

It's no surprise that for the 2nd year in a row, the finals are Texas vs. Florida. For a $3,000,000 roleplayer, choosing the Clips over Miami or San Antonio means he has to take a personal financial hit of around $300k, based on the 12.3% + $49,500 he has to give to the state after federal income tax.

I'm not weeping for these guys having to pay their dues, and the marquee players can easily make up the extra with big-market endorsements, but when it comes to filling out a roster with quality mid-level guys, this factor definitely affects one's ability to construct a team.

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I think one of the things I'm most excited about is the ability to buy picks, whether 1st or 2nd rounders. In years past, we would just have our picks in both rounds and not much else. But now, I can see us hoarding picks a la PDX, OKC, etc. Would love for us to buy a late 1st rounder in this draft.

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