Lawrence Frank As Assistant Coach?

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Frank is a horrible head coach but as an assistant, he's done well. He worked with Doc in the 2010-11 season taking over for Thibodeau and the Celtics' defense didn't miss a beat. I'd be pleased with this hiring.

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Assuming that Alvin or Tyronn get hired (likely that one will), I have to agree that Frank should probably be at the top of our list. Unless we can snag Lionel Hollins or maybe even Mark Jackson, I would go with Frank.

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Is Kevin Eastman, after getting that promotion to become vice president of basketball operations, still the assistant coach for Doc? Is that why we're considering signing other assistants now?

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Am I the only one who thinks Ty Lue is overrated?

With the offense we had this year, we should have done better. I'm inclined to blame the players, but I can't help but think that if we'd had a better defensive coordinator, things might have been a little easier on that end.

I'd love it if we could snag Nate McMillan while the Pacers are wondering "what went wrong?", but with Miami losing, they're probably standing pat and hoping to inherit the East.

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Ty Lue overrated?...maybe, maybe not. Think we need some better defensive players or our current guys (DJ & Blake) to improve. That will make any defensive coordinator/system "look" much better.

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I've had the same question about Ty Lue for awhile. It's hard to tell since we have a lack of defensive players as well as a really fast pace, but I expected a bit better.

It's always really hard to really know what a coach does or doesn't do for the team unless we were there. That is how we got into our whole debate over Vinny (Vinny might have been a great basketball mind that didn't get the respect he should have or maybe he was the opposite; none of us will really know).

I wouldn't mind Lawrence Frank due to him working with Doc before, so there should be an understanding of roles and responsibilities.

I still want KG to retire and come over and join Doc's staff.

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I have always wanted KG to come here, and not so much for what he could do as a player because his time as an athlete is pretty much over. I think the biggest value he has is to mentor and teach Blake and Deandre. What he could do defensively for the Clippers big men would be huge.

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Why would gentry or Lue leave their positions to go to golden state for a non head coaching position? Just the arrogance of that is so golden state

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Under his defensive guidance, the Celtics led the NBA in fewest points allowed (91.1 ppg) and ranked third in opponent field goal percentage (.434).

The Clippers rank seventh defensively overall, but 21st in games against teams with winning records, at 106.8 points per 100 possessions in 42 games.

I know we are 1st in OPP 3PT FG%. I couldn't find all those stats. Maybe an upgrade on the defensive side for a coach. I know our defense was i proved , but how much of that was Doc or Ty Lue? I know Frank had his issues in Brookyln , but he knows his role with Doc. Frank and Gentry along side Doc would be great , and that is what I ultimately want. If Frank cannot get out of his Contract, and Ty Lue leaves my next choice would be Lionel Hollins hoping to recreate that rugged Memphis style D.

Why are people on this thread considering Mark Jackson? Not that I have an issue , but what does he bring. I can't stand the guy , but what would he bring to this team?

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You guys gotta stop giving all the credit to the assistant coaches, it was Doc that fixed our 3pt defense just like that in his FIRST SEASON, imagine how much better we can become on defense when we get some guys that actually PLAY DEFENSE, and he fixed our offensive playbook to have some halfcourt plays in there. A lot of our offense was generated by defense as well, but we had options when they stopped the fastbreak, Plays that we could run, this team is poised to go deep in the playoffs. But 1st I want to see what our roster will look like next year, we need those bench bigs...

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I think sometimes it's hard to tell who is really responsible for certain achievements as well as who is to blame for certain downfalls.

With that said, I still think having someone who has worked with Doc before and has a great understanding of the defense would be great. I've also liked Frank as an assistant for a long time now. Don't think he's head coach material, but a great defensive coach nonetheless.

I do agree with CP3best, we need some defensive stalwarts. Specifically on the perimeter, no more giving up dribble penetration and fight over some screens. Getting a Shumpert or a Sefolosha, followed by a good to great balanced SF could make a huge impact on the team defensively.

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Docs system really works but to fully reach its potential, a team must have the necessary personnel. we improved our 3pt defense but the team would be much better if we have the long 3D wings and additional Long, Defensive and rebounding big.if the team is able to get the players that compliments the defensive system, I'm pretty sure they will lead the league in defense next season. 3D wings starter, Backup big(Defense,rebounding) and a backup pg and the clippers will defenitely win a lot of games due to the system, the coaching staff and hopefully the remaining pieces(players). we already have the first two.

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