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Times they are a changin', last year everybody wanted Morrison and this year might have two low cost solutions that fill out the roster, both areas of need M'Baye and West. Wouldn't mind seeing Brown get a camp invite either, how many can they invite to camp?

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^^Yep he looked really good, certainly is the anti-Dudley quickness-wise & athletically. Played hard as well. The question is his jumper- how consistent is it and of course defense. Blake Griffin would have a lot to talk to M'Baye about as Amath is also from Oklahoma. They both love to dunk as well, of course.

M'Baye's international stats this past season in Japan: ... 10105/2014

18 and 8 in 30 minutes, though those stats show he is not a good 3 point shooter (~25%), and is a little too turnover prone. Still he seems to be a good fit as a off the bench energy guy.

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Wow I didn't know a lot of this, gives a better insight, thanks for sharing! ^this proves to me that he's a raw talent with promise.

I heard that Doc went to his last game, last season... so I feel they're looking at him more closely

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So who's watching the game?

It's on NBA TV @ 3pm

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I saw they lost but how did the guys do ???

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they looked bad. We look small out there and slow getting up for rebounds, Houston had a couple flat out players that could get their shot off and quick off the ground rebounders and height. I can tell Delonte is holding his game back alittle because a few time i seen him looking at a play that the others didn;t see like a simple backdoor or cut. That Brown kid its something about him that keeps drawing my eye to him. he not fast not a great defender not overly athletic but he is smooth. I like Brockman the dude always has a body on someone and pushing them not just touching. Don't think we sign him but man we need someone like that.

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I really like Amath M'Baye. Fearless going to the rim. Athletic. I like him a lot.

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he's good against Miami.Smile

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When will we know who gets an invite??

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As usual we fall over when it mattered most SMH

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Watching the Spurs summer league and I'm so happy we passed on Anderson.

This would've been a train wreck of a pick. He might the worst defender I've ever seen...and I watched a lot of James Harden last year.

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How is the Liggins kid looking?

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