Should the Clippers Resign DeAndre Jordan to a New Contract? (P. 4)

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If Dj did anything besides dunk offensively then i would be on the Dj bandwagon, but his shooting percentage is highest in the league because if he doesn't dunk it he doesn't score. Lets see Dj skills checklist

Dunk Yes

ALLey pop Yes

Lefthand layup NO

Right hand layup HELL NO

Bank shot NO

Fade away short bank shot NO

Hook shot No

Floater No

Post up moves No

Up and Under move NO

Good Passer No

Decent dribble skills for a big NO

Reads the defense well NO

Over 50%!!!! Free throws NO

Clutch time player NO Way

5 ft range on his jump shot No

5 ft range on his lay ups No

10 ft jump shot DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT

15 ft Range HA

Great work ethic. SEE ABOVE STATS

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^You could have just said "I don't like DJ"

It's still not a good example because Splitter got $9M/year as a 28 year old after his 3rd season, but his contract is front-loaded, and seriously how many players are getting over-paid on the Spurs anyways? It's not only not happening, it wouldn't be a fair contract.

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Dunks are worth just as many points as spinning fall away off balance 20 footers. All you're really saying is that he can't effectively create his own shot, but most guys can't and we don't need him to because we have other guys that are good it.

Also he's one best offensive rebounders in the league, 2nd most in the league last year, that is a very valuable offensive skill that makes our offense better.

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The spurs have guys like Danny green, Kawai Leonard, Manu, ginobili, Patty mills, Boris Diaw filling out the team behind tony and Tim.

These are all mostly 2 way players with good size for their position.

We have Matt Barnes, Jordan famar, Jared Dudley, JJ, and Jamal filling out the team behind Chris and Blake.

A mostly a bunch of undersized unathletic one trick ponies for their position. Chris and Blake are also undersized.

So you want to give a max contract to Dj who is the ultimate one trick pony or do you want to start Spencer Hawes at 6 mil and upgrade our giant holes at SG and SF.

Do we want to pay dj just because "centers are rare", but we just got a pretty decent one that is in his mid 20's and get this, he's a 3 point shooter too....... for 6 mill for the next 4 years.

Or we can give dj about 10 million more per year because he blocks 1.5 more shots a game and gets 3 more rebounds a game then is a giant liability. A max player that other teams literally think is such bad a player and so mentally weak they would rather foul him on purpose 40 ft from the basket to win the game. How can he take us deep in the playoffs when other teams can just do that to him. It's a joke.

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Junkyarddog it seems you don't understand how teams are built. What does spencer hawes shooting 3's do for us of we already have the number one offense.

I understand your position which is how most casual fans see things, offensive skills make a good player and a bunch of skilled offensive players make a good team.

How does removing your best defensive player in Dj and replacing him with a lesser defender but a more skilled offensive threat help this team?

Trading defense for offense is ridiculous when you already have a top offensive team. We need more defense, and trading the third runner up for DYOP isn't how you.

I haven't taken any of your posts in thread seriously because most of what you say is non-factual and a personal dislike as opposed to an actual intelligent argument to why we shouldn't resign Dj.

But I do feel there are others who just simply don't understand how our team is built and what is needed to win a championship. And more offense isn't it.

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Paying the max to an extremely limited player with no offensive game, an abysmal FT%, overrated defense (still gets worked by any big man with fundamentals and/or a jump shot), and a liability against starting centers in the playoffs would close our window immediately.

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I don't care about Dj personally. I think if he can get a max contract with the any other team he should take it and let them take DJ to a championship......... I don't know how to build a championship fantasy team like you, but me and people who know our team know Dj isn't worth the money to us.

Your right we do need defense to win a championship, but it's needed on the wings and the backcourt. Shaquille isn't playing anymore, Duncan is on his way out plus he's arguably the greatest Pf ever. We need to stop the endless amounts of wings that have been and will continue to kick our ass if we don't get better defensively in the backcourt. This is durants and lebron a league for the next 5 plus years, so if we are gonna beat them we better get someone that can at least prevent them from doing whatever they he'll they want to us. CP3 need someone to help guard Westbrook and the countless other gaurds that well have to get through. Championships are own with size and length, but it's quality that counts. Dj is so overrated. Look up his opponents shooting percentage at the rim. He's worse than Pau Gasol. Is Pau is supposedly garbage, but he knows when and where to rotate and how not to foul, and doesn't try to block shots unnecessarily getting him in foul trouble.etc...

FACT CP and BLAKE are our Team period. Now if our two best players are undersized defensively wouldn't we better off getting better defensive players with length at the 2 and 3 then to invest our money on vastly overrated C who doesn't even prevent players from scoring at the rim.

Look at the spurs. They got Danny green and Leonard there. If we had Danny green and Leonard...... We smartly got Hawes and we could get a dj replacement at 1/4 the price..

Dj isn't worth the money to US. That's the issue here. The money. If dj is making about 7-8 mill I would say sign him up. We could always trade him. If we give him big money were stuck. I don't care if The bucks give him 20 mil per year. That's on them. He's been playing 7 years. He couldn't beat out a crack smoking Lamar Odom and Reggie Evans at the center spot. Wish we would have kept Reggie. He didn't get punked by the grizzlies ZBo and Gasol. Reggie was a big reason we even beat the grizzlies that year. That's the past though.

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