Best Duo in the NBA Clippers Come in Second

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I was just on bleacher report and they ranked the best duos in the league and to my surprise they have the clippers in Second place. I feel that most people don't give us enough credit which is why I was surprised. We beat out Duncan and Parker D12 and harden but we didn't beat the bubble boy pair. I honestly believe that we have the better pair between the two for plenty of reasons. One being that of CP3 goes who is our so called best player we ALL know that Flight 32 is more than capable of leading this team where as Westbrook needs his bubble brother to lead the team. Another thing is that Blake and CP3s in game chemistry seems to be better than the bubble brothers chemistry for the simple reason that Westbrook is selfish come crunch time and wants to be the hero where as CP3 and Blake and set each other up. I would like to see blake be more aggressive but over all I just think we have the best duo in the league being coached by a way better coach than Scott Brooks. To top it off the duo has the second best player in the world where as we don't but are a better over all duo and team.

PS there's a funny article there talking about why no one wants to play in Huston because of D-12 and harden

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No link? who was first?

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Sorry I don't know how to post links it's on bleacher report though and the first was obviously the bubble brothers KD and Westbrook

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Here's the link.

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  1. KD and Westbrook

  2. CP3 and Flight 32

  3. Parker and Duncan

  4. D-12 and Harden

  5. Lebron and Kyrie

  6. Damian and Aldridge

  7. Wade and bosh

  8. To my surprise big surprise Steph Curry and Bogus

  9. Noah and Rose

  10. And last Marc and Conley

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Thanks dunkathon

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Before opening it, my thought was KD and Westbrook would be #1. If you say Paul is better then Westbrook, the gap is not as much as we would consider the gap between Blake and Durant, so yea, makes sense. I also like Curry/Bogut to any other Warrior, Bogut mans the defense, Curry is their offensive star. If the Warriors are going to go further, it would be on the back of the extra defensive presence that Bogut can provide. I wouldn't mind switching teams with that #3 combo though Wink.

Chris Paul / Patty Mills

Danny Green / Marco Belinelli

Kawhi Leonard / Manu Ginobili

Blake Griffin / Boris Diaw

Tiago Splitter / (Baynes/Bonner/Ayres)

Though of course the whole Bonner/Blake doesn't really work like Bonner/Duncan lol. I wonder what the Clippers would look like with a similar profile of players but without any player from SA, and replace Bonner/Diaw with Hawes.

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The blah-cher report is equivalent to a high school news paper.

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KD/WB first duo sounds right

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How do the duo of Westbrook and KD spun better than Flight 32 and CP3 Westbrook needs bubble boy Blake can handle his team better than Westbrook can without bubble boy and same for CP3

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Yeah, but the KD/Westbrook duo comes with refs -- thus a Big Three! If the new reffing system proposed by the Commish goes into effect, KD/Westy will be slip down a notch or two.

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I would have to say I agree with your statement baadmaster but if were doing only on talent better players etc you guys can't tell me you guys would take The bubble brothers over Flight 32 and CP3

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Clippers we actually third or so when it comes to big threes.

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I think the number one pair is Lebron and whoever he's playing with.

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