The Top 50 Players in Clippers History

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McAdoo #1 and still no jersey retirement. Lame.

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#1 should be Ralph Lawler, even though he's no player.

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This is a really funny and sad list all at the same time. You've got guys who were only here for a year or two and did there best work elsewhere, like Terry Cummings, Mark Jackson and Tom Chambers. Then you have guys who did okay here, only to discover that they were almost non-players when they had to compete for minutes on better teams, like Kenny Norman, Gary Grant, Loy Vaught and Eric Piatkowski.

Then you have guys who could only be considered as colossal busts actually making our top 50 all time list, like Michael Olowakandi� Did I miss Benoit Benjamin?

This sort of illustrates how bad this franchise has been over the years, how little stability there was because few seemed to ever stay very long.

And, of course, all of that is a reflection on the horrific ownership of Donald T. Sterling.

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YOur last sentence says it all. Better players before the Don,better players after he lost his mind and someone wrote the checks for him.

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You left out the horrible tenure of one Elgin Gay Baylor as VP/GM during most of that time, but everything else is well said.

Of all of the guys that left for elsewhere, I wish we kept Bo Outlaw and Lamar Odom (early years) longer. Yeah, Outlaw couldn't shoot worth a lick, but he's arguably the best hustle player that the team ever had, and I wish we had someone like him on the present squad. As far as Odom, he really had the potential to be a real great player, and it's a shame that he didn't realize his potential by spending his entire career with the Clips. Just only if he a strong-enough coach to help nuture that early on (like Stan Van Gundy and Phil Jackson eventually did with him).

I didn't bother looking at the list, because it seems someone comes up with the same thing every year...even with that said, it just shows how much further the Clips have to go as a franchise, to even build up to a fraction of a franchise legacy like the Lakers, Celtics, 76ers, Spurs, Bulls, or even yes the Warriors. Hell, I'll even take a franchise legacy like the Phoenix Suns--no championships, but they have the fourth-best all-time winning percentage in NBA history, and being a perinnial playoff contender virtually every year.

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