League is More Competitive This Year Than Last?

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I think there are more competitive teams this year than there were last year.

Chicago (Rose, Pau)

Clippers (addition of Hawes, Farmar, probably another big)

Cleveland (obvious)

Miami (still good though not as good as last year)

Lakers (improved with Kobe back, new coach and roster)

I love all of the trades and changes that went on over the summer.

Bledsoe still not signed?

What do you think? Which other teams became more competitive?

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The Wizards are looking like a very strong team this year, kind of my favorites in the East

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Definitely think this year the playoffs are gonna be beast just like last year. Noel is coming for the 76ers, LeBron to Cavs, we got more stars coming in the league with Wiggins and Parker. Definitely think Rose is gonna make things interesting in the East, but Paul George is out with that horrendous injury-accident. He was playing MVP like ball most of last season. It's gonna be cool I can tell you that.

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Hopefully Rose and Kobe can come back and make things interesting. The Lakers actually have some talent now and might surprise people. Plus I'd love for the clips to give the Lakers a good ass kicking in the first round.

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same teams will emerge as last year..


chicago...cleveland..ny ...atlanta..

west will win again...

spurs are team to beat...

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I have a feeling... Clippers will be #1 or #2 most of the year.

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The I think had has had the biggest shake up and it just got crazier according to hoopsrumors the cavs and wolves have agreed on principle to trade love for wiggins and Bennett and a first rounder. So the east got a little better now interesting to see how the cavs perform

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Thanks Capt. Obvious.


Sorry, I couldn't help myself on that one. No offense intended.

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