Is the Championship Window Closing for Clippers?

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I was just browsing and found this... Thought I'd share.... please consider the source ... s-clippers

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hate articles like this..... it's like they want to set you up to fail....

lets play a game in the 14/15 season let ballmer take office and then make claims...


The media truly tries to control everything... First we are the hot ticket now "windows may be closing"


My faith doesn't allow me to walk by what I see "for we walk by faith not by sight" (proverbs 14:12 in case anyone needed the scripture)

Things like this round me up a bit.....

like someone on another thread said "worst off season" since we didn't get so and so...... can we wait until December (at least) to make such ridicious claims......

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So I guess we should all give up our seats and have a yard sale for our gear, huh? Bleacher report is useless, read it if you want to get pissed but otherwise leave it alone.

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The Spurs' window has been closing for years and they're the reigning champs.

Somebody ought to familiarize this guy with the concept of time... by definition, the moment this type of "window" opens, it is already closing because players - and I'm sorry if this blows your mind - get OLDER!!!

The man's a fool.

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We talkin' 'bout windows now??

Good thing we hired the king of Windows, Mr. Steve Ballmer.

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haha i was looking at the comment section; all filled with Oklahoma and Warrior fans. can they be anymore pathetic? lol

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Truth is, no one really knows when a championship window is truly closed until it actually is. That being said, when it's closed, we'll know.

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Nowitzki didn't win until he was 32, Garnett 31, Robinson 33, Stockton/Malone didn't make the finals for the first time at 34/33. Paul will be 29 this year. We're good the entire duration of Paul's contract. If DeAndre keeps playing well he'll get paid, luxury tax or not, Ballmer didn't pay 2 billion to cheap out over a few extra million a year for a player.

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Thought it just opened? lol

Last year was the only year this team truly had a championship level team. 12-13, wasn't bad, but Blake injury killed that. So the window was open for one year (in which we most likely lose to SA anyways taking away our team bias). What in the world? Who wrote this rubbish?

Basically the article says if everything goes wrong:

-DJ not being re-signed / not finding a suitable replacement

-Doc possibly leaving because something gets difficult

-Paul and Griffin not healthy

If all those things or I guess at least 2/3 or something happen, then the Clippers window close...but if they don't, then yea..

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I didn't read the article, but I think our window from today is 5 years. The next 3 years we have a good chance of winning, the couple years after that are slim, but still a possibility. I base it solely on the condition of CP3's knees which I am always concerned about.

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Did they close the window to open the door?

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Is the championship window closing? It just opened.

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Couldn't agree more. We're just getting better at this stage.

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That was a shallow read but there is some truth to the matter, the window may not be getting smaller, but its not getting bigger either.

At this point progress in the playoffs is our biggest Achilles. We have yet to make it past the 2nd round in the CP/Blake era that, we have not even been in a position to seriously challenge for a championship despite the hype every season.

History suggests championship teams need to taste the agony of failure before reaping the rewards of winning it all, heat lost to mavs before going back to back, spurs lost to heat before coming back to win in 2013/2014, in the 90s Jordan struggled with the bad boys in the ECF before leaping that hurdle to win his first champ. So by that analogy we are at least 2 seasons from winning a championship. IMO last season was a failure because we didn't reach WCF. Even if we eventually lose to the spurs the learning experience playing on a conference final stage would help push us to the next level for the following year.

This year its WCF or bust, last thing we want to be is the next Atlanta Hawks of the western conference.

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i believe the prime time is just coming.

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I'm so tired of these super teams and I hate how things always magically work out for the cavs.

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CP/Blake era equals 3 years though. First year we weren't even a championship level team, we were the 5th seed. 12-13 Blake got injured, so we really have little to be making any conclusions with.

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"Fri Jan 24, 9:19:02pm

lakers: they voided that cp3 and dwight deal why? because lebron and heat are more valuable to tv rights trust man"

It's funny how that trade was blocked but the heat/cavs trade went down without a hitch. I remember this being posted a few years back, the same can be said about the cavs.

The way I see it:

They beat Memphis, then a Banged Up Team plays the Spurs next round. You can't be at under 100% and beat the Spurs (unless you're OKC /sarcasm)

I don't remember the year after that.

This season: We all saw how the second round was reffed. Yeah, Clippers did make a mistake here and there, but when the refs only used 2 out of the 5 cameras to view that play in game 5 (which would have given the Clippers a chance but got negated), I don't understand how you can overcome that. Doc Rivers speaks out, gets fined and then "commentators" rebuke him for it. And let's not bring up Blake getting smacked around. The refs are completely oblivious to this (guys that should clearly be missing games due to unsportsmanlike plays still get to play. They will continue to do this because they (serge) know they can get away with it). All this is the reasonI am giving the Clippers a free pass for the 2013-2014 season.

But the window is still wide open. They are the best team on the west coast behind the Spurs, the gate guardians to the NBA Finals.

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It's opening. NBA likes drama and feel good stories, so they'll please the audiences giving them what they want. Clippers will be the next feel good story. Underdogs now competitors, competitors with a new look, new owner, and new era vibe. Don't get me wrong that's not why we're getting the Larry but maybe for once they won't be against us. We'll win because this squad plays the right brand of basketball with or without elton.

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As long as CP3 + BG + DJ are here. the window is always open. We just need to add some nasty on the rosters..

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I agree. But Miley Cyrus might tip us over the salary cap. Boy that foam finger would swat anything away from the basket, she could give Deandre competition in blocks. Hmmm, now for more afordable alternatives

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