Steve Ballmer Does The Ice-Bucket Challenge

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Los Angeles Clippers New Owner, Steve Ballmer, partcipates in the Ice-bucket challenge for ALS awareness after being nominated by Spencer Hawes. Ballmer then nominates Doc Rivers. I love this guy. ....

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What a BAWSE!

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So cool of Steve Ballmer. Very Happy. Bum DTS would never do that. Lol. Smile

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Haha Steve Ballmer ftw! Coolest owner in the league.

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Lol this dude is going to be the best owner in the NBA. Mark Cuban on steroids. Probably outspoken, fun, active and at all of the games. I seriously cannot wait!!!! Best freaking thing ever. Now that we have the foundation in place with Ballmer/Doc.. I won't panic as much about not getting to the WCF or finals every year. Because of the simple fact that with Sterling out.. a Mavs like run of 11 straight 50+ win seasons and just sustained good play seems quite possible with Blake/CP3. If we have a Mavs type run where WCF 2-3 times, 1 title and a bunch of 2nd round exits over 10 years, I won't even be mad. Although of course I'd love more.

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can we post this as a quote on the main page please??? This needs to be a constant reminder

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Yall remember Blake giving the warriors fan the ice water challenge lmao

Blake Griffin spills water on Warriors fan after :

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Yeah, that rivals Reggie Evans' "nose-scratch" as one of the best fan interactions in recent memory.

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Steve Balmer... what a character

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From Sterling to Ballmer. What an upgrade!

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Mr. Ballmer's Ice bucket challenge

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