Dumbleavy vs Maggette

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Isn't it ironic that Maggette only plaed 17 minutes against the Knicks, and supposedly had the flu yesterday.

Jim Rome interviewed Elton Brand this morning, and Elton did state that the Maggette trade rumors did become a distraction.

After Sterling met with Maggette and Dumbleavy, they resolved their issues, and wouldn't you know it, they began winning again.

Now here we go again. Maggette is unhappy voiceing his opinion and another losing streak is upon us. I am not saying he is a problem, cause I love the guys playing style.

But he obviously not happy, the marriage is over, it is time to trade him for a quality player (Mike Miller, Ray Allen, Ron Artest) before we lose him to free agency and lose out overall.

Ever since Dumbleavy got his extension, and he knows he has job security

now he is doing what he wants with Maggette. He is a X'a and O's guys, but he lacks motivating and inspiring our Clippers. He is not the right fit.

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Damn, sorry about the grammar everybody. I'll come correct in my next posting. But hopefully you all will understand where I am coming from.

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Time for "marriage counseling" then cuz I doubt either one of them are going anywhere soon Wink. I still think both of them can co-exist- they just need to communicate better, apparently. Now I do think that Maggette was wrong in venting to the press- he probably should've talked to coach first. Bickering and complaining doesn't help the team, but teamwork and togetherness will. But heck if the Clippers can get a nice deal involving Maggette I'm sure they'd do it.

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Game 51: 80-94 @ IND (25-26, 3rd Pac.)

Corey Maggette gets fouled on a fast break.

Corey racked up 8 points, 7 rebounds and six blocks, while EB had 14 pts, 11 boards & 6 blocks. Cuttino Mobley posted 16 of his 23 points in the second half to help Los Angeles stage a rally before dropping a 94-80 road decision to Indiana on Sunday.

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