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Clipper 6th Man
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I usually hate what this guy has to say...I think he kisses Phil Jackson's butt way too much (although, I'd love to have Phil coaching the Clippers insteade of Dumbleavy). However, he does make some good points about the Clippers after seeing them last night in Cleveland. Here's the link so everyone can check it out.

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You know, I dont like the guy either. He is a professional cynic who thinks he knows-it-all. Always looking for the bad in sports. Sports is supposed to be fun and entertaining and a celebration of champions. He portrays it the opposite. Benoit said: he does make some good points. in my opinion he took a game in which the Clippers were extremely down. They were so close to finally staying over the hump and it all came down with the Raptors and Knicks losses and Maggette's comments. I could be way off track, but it seems like the players are not pleased with Dunleavy. Could be why they played very laxadaisical against the Cavs. Maggette's comments and Singleton's before are probably the results of frustration held inside.

From everything I've heard said about Dumleavy...this seems to be the summary of what he's doing: He continues using HIS gameplan, as opposed to using the players' strenghts. Singleton, Maggette and Livingston thrive on energy. He needs to use these three players in the way that they are effective. Arggg...I took all your negative comments about Dumleavy very lightly. But now I'm beginning to see that you guys may have been exactly right.

Gonna be a long season. GO CLIPS!!!!

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Yeah some harsh words for Brand's play. I agree to a certain extent though- both EB and Kaman got outworked inside. And the guy is right about too many isolations- whatever happened to those 25-30+ assist games? Okay so obviously when you shoot like crap that aren't too many assists to show, but it could also mean that the offense was stagnant and too much dribbling & one-on-one. The Clippers must do a better job against the zone or else every team they play is going to bust it out on them in the 2nd or 3rd quarter and shut them down. The game plan against the zone has to change or the players have to execute better.

I don't agree w/ the guy's assessment on Livingston though- he was scoring which what the Clippers needed. In order to be effective he needed to be a viable weapon out there and he's been improving on that front. Lately he's been making hard cuts to the basket and being more aggressive at Dunleavy's urging. I have no problem seeing him isolated one-on-one against smaller guards. If the other team is not going to help then he can rise up and hit the shot, or he can force the defender to foul him. On the other hand he can make great passes out of the post if he's doubled. The key is, of course, that he needs to consistent make those shots.

Hey time to bounce back against the Sixers tomorrow night and stay in the playoff race- hopefully every will play, though Thomas might be doubtful.

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I have to agree about the Clippers needing a about starting with shaking Chris Kamen out of his funky coma??? That contract must have been the kiss of death for that guy...I wonder if he gets lost on the way to the bank?? Last night's air ball from 12 feet was incredible...

I think Maggette has played his last game as a Clipper...

Point the fingers at MR BIG - Mike Dunleavy...he snowed evryone.

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It seems the press only asks Dumleavy about his coaching when Maggette comments about his decisions. It is like the press can't see whats going on. They should be pressing him every night in his post game interview. The fans can see his coaching decisions are costing us games. Anybody that knows the game of basketball can see the errors in judgement. So why is the press giving him a free pass. It could that they just don't care enough about the Clippers to even get into it. He should be getting a heavy dose of tough questions every night. I only wish I was in the press core covering the game. Maybe David could contact the Clippers and get me credentials as a TopBuzz correspondant. I will go there and rip Dumleavy apart every night after every game.

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