Will he stay or will he go??

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Clipper 6th Man
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With the trade deadline about 12 days away, Maggette watch will be heating up again. Everyone thought that the talk had died down; but with Maggette's latest outburst, it will be interesting to see if the talk starts back up. Since Corey spoke out after the Knicks game, he's been out with the "flu" for the last two. I'm waiting to see the next game Maggette plays in and if things are back to normal or if there is still going to be some tension.

I'm pretty much to the point of saying let's get a deal done with Maggette. It seems as if the whole situation is just going to be a distraction to the team. I don't see Dumbleavy and Maggette kissing and making up...Dumbleavy is way to stubborn for that. They are going to continue to clash. It's pretty obvious that the team is going to move Maggette eventually, with many people guessing that it'll be this summer. If he stays, he's almost certain to opt out of his contract after next season and go elsewhere. I think his value is going to be even worse in the summer because he would likely only have one year with the team that trades for him before they would have to try to get him to extend his contract. So I think that the Clippers are going to be actively pursuing a deal in the next 12 days, despite Sterling's preference for keeping Corey around.

With the Kings playing a bit better, a guy like Artest may not be as available as he once was. Mike Miller would be nice, but I don't think Memphis would be willing. It may come down to a pitch to New Jersey about Vince Carter. Jersey wanted to get Maggette and Livinston for Carter but the Clippers balked and rightfully so. Carter can opt out after this season so it would be a risky move...a team might just be renting him for a half season. But if the Clippers offer Maggette and the expiring contracts of Rebracca and Korolev, the salaries nearly match. New Jersey would be getting Maggette instead of getting nothing if Carter leaves at the end of the season. It would be a risk for both teams, but something like this may happen.

The Clippers need to resollve this Maggette issue before it takes away their whole season.

Clipper D-League Pickup
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CM basically plays "matador" style defense...constantly turns the ball over (alot of charging calls)...and just doesn't fit MD's half court offense...Too bad Sterling stepped in...I think it undermines Baylor and MD.

Clipper 6th Man
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Maybe now that Rashard Lewis is back playing in Seattle the Clippers can make an offer of Maggette, Rebracca, and one of their first round picks this year for him. I don't know if Seattle would take that but Lewis can opt out of his contract this summer, which he probably will do if Seattle doesn't extend him. With the arena situation in Seattle, the owners may be looking to cut salary. Maggette's contract is relatively cheap, especially when compared to what Lewis is going to want in his extension. Rebracca would give them about $3 million that would come off the books this summer. And the number one pick would give them something in the middle of the first round and wouldn't be a high contract player.

Maybe I'm just dreaming, but something has to be done with the Maggettte situation.

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Sounds from the press it seems that he's staying unless an irresistible deal comes along for the Clips. Good news is that it seems that Singleton is okay with Dunelavy now, so heck maybe somehow the same thing can happen w/ Maggette.

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