hey im new here but been a season tickeet holder for 10 seas

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Clipper D-League Pickup
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Its Very Simple ..................Ron Artest,,,,,,,didnt work out,,,,,,,,Phili wanted shawn and maggete for A,I dunleavy said no...not sterling not baylor,,,,Dunleavy see's potential in Shwan like he saw in yoraslav koralev..LOL

OK THE BIIG ONE,.........Shawn and cory for vince and there ROOKIE Who by the way is having A BETTTTTTTER CARRRRRER Than Livingston and hes been in the leage for 3 years,,,,,,,,

it diidnt go down cause we would be a little over the cap .....not a big deal and the main reason is iif Vincce deciieds to opt out and go somewhere else it a 2 player for 1 deal.........and lose the FUTURE Shawn livingston,,,,witch dunleavy says no way,...

if we got any of these players it championship potential,,,,,,,,but we need to look in the futre and keep Shawn potential and waiste away Elton Brand Career and wait fot shawn

News Flash to everyone,,,,,,,,,,SWHAN LIVINGSTON SUCKSSSSSS you are what u are in the NBA<<<<

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So what's the deal? What seems to be the problem besides DUMBleavy???

When did he become the GM??? To think that we missed out on Iverson, Carter, and Artest this season.

Who else is going to flash before our eyes!!!!! I like everybosy on the team, but it is the coach I have a problem with!!!

I don't like his Do WHAT I SAY attitude, his subsititutions, his lack of passion, energy. Doesn't know how to challenge the team or get them fired up.

Doesn't use his spark plugs in Maggette and Singleton, believe in Kaman and Ross a little to much, doesn't unleash the Offense.

I hope you heckle Baylor, and let him know he made a mistake.

Especially signing him in mid-season!!!!

Clipper D-League Pickup
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signing him to a 4 year 22 million dollar contract.......lol... literary the day after phili rejected the offer of cuttino mobley and cory maggete for A.I and said in the philadelphia inquirer shawn instead of cuttino sixers will do in a heartbeat........

Mike dunleavy.....if your a real fan and watch every single of our games notice every play he has his hand around mouth and hes yelling a set play both on defense and offense witch is reallly one of the worst ways to coach ......to much thinking.....


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Welcome seasonticketholder10! I think you have a point about Dunleavy having to yell out every play- it could be stifling early scoring opportunities and allowing the other team to set their offense. Maybe he needs to trust the players a little more and let them attack more freely.

As for Livingston- we all have our doubts but the potential is there. I like how he has become smarter at the defense end. He just needs to be way more consistent on the offensive end- one night he'll go 5 for 7 and the next night he'll throw up bricks. He also needs to be stronger- sometimes you see him on the verge of snatching the ball away from the other team for a steal only to be out-muscled. And at the other end often times if he's bumped on a drive he doesn't finish for the and-1. I guess time will tell how he will pan out.

Clipper D-League Pickup
Posts: 36

thanks David,,,,,

Q: would you have traded him with Corey for Allen ? Knowing what were basically waiting for him{shawn} to be an allen iverson..

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Yup- in a heartbeat. Ray Allen is exactly who the Clipper needs- a shooter with great ability to penetrate. The only downside would be that he's getting a little old, but he probably has 3 or 4 more good years left.

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