Anther beat-down on the Road; Pistons 92, Clippers 74

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That was just a sad example of how not to play defense. And it wasn't like the Pistons were running tricky stuff- it was your stand screen-n-roll and backcuts. Now I kind of understand Dunleavy's gripe about Maggette's defense- that was just horrific stuff. Not only that he and Tim Thomas both failed to box out properly numerous times. But with the Clippers unable to guard the Pistons one-on-one, why not go zone? It was just painful to watch. I suppose that without Brand it still would've been difficult to win if they had played decent defense, but I mean come on, have some pride or something.

Everyone pretty much stunk it up except for Kaman. Chris was sharper and more aggressive than he has been lately- unfortunately he fouled out with plenty of time left in the game. Livingston racked up 5 steals but he didn't do enough on offense- he settled for jumpers and was unable to create easy opportunities for his teammates. The "weapons" in Maggette, Mobley, Thomas, and Cassell combined for 13 out of 45 FG (29%)- that's just not going to get it done. In fact the offense as a whole was crap- guys were holding the ball too long and time and time again they were up against the shot clock. It seemed as if once the Pistons denied the first option on offense guys just started to stand around and wonder: "What are we supposed to do now? Hmmm........................ Uh oh, 5, 4, 3- I think I better pass it, but wait there's no one open, oh well gotta launch it- hope it goes in!"

Let's hope the Clippers get their game straightened out before Wednesday or they're going to be faced with another loss.

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LOL, I wouldn't doubt DUMBleavy had them practice today!!!!!!!!

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