Clippers vs. Hawks @ the Staples; EB will probably Play

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The OC Register is reporting that Brand will probably play: ... 578810.php

According to the article Dunleavy had guys come in yesterday to get prepared- hopefully that'll help.

The Hawks actually have won the first 2 games of their 5 game road trip, beating Phoenix and Golden State before losing at Utah. So they're going to be tough, but the Clippers have some payback in store after losing in Atlanta about a month ago.

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Oh my goodness- I just saw the final score and the box score (missed the game). What in the world- how did we lose this one??? Can anyone who saw the game tell me what happened???

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Yep...I can tell you exactly what happened. I was sitting about 16 rows up from the court and what I saw made me sick to my stomach (of course, my stomach has been upset ALOT this season). The Clippers had this game in hand, up 13 or 15 with about 11 minutes left in the game. Then they totally forgot how to play. Guys like Tim Thomas and Corey Maggette were letting guys just walk into the lane and get layups. Kaman was trying to cover for them by coming over to block shots which enabled the Hawks to start getting offensive rebounds. The team forgot that Mobley had scored 31 points going into the 4th quarter; he only had two shots in the 4th. Kaman, who had a good offensive game, didn't get enough shots in the third and fourth quarter. There is no way that Tim Thomas has one more shot attempt than Kaman at the end of the game when Kaman was 8 for 13 and Thomas was 4 for 14. Cassell had a very "un-Cassell" like 4th quarter, missing clutch shots and throwing a pass directly to the Hawks for a breakaway layup during the last couple of minutes.

I hope people don't blame Kaman for forcing up a shot with 8 seconds left in the game after he got his own rebound. Yes, he should have kicked it back out or called timeout to set up another play. But without his effort tonight, the Clippers wouldn't have been in this game. The game should have never come down to the last few minutes. The blame should be on the Clippers' perimeter players casual defense in the fourth quarter and way too much settling for outside shots (I'm talking to you Tim Thomas!) when they should have been going inside.

This game was just sickening. If the Clippers don't make a move before the trade deadline, this team will not make the playoffs. Anyone else wishing that the Clippers made the move for Allen Iverson or Ron Artest when they had the chance? I was wishing for it at the time....and even more so at the moment.

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I feel for you BB watching this game live in person today. It makes my head spin looking at the box scores and just hearing about what happened. I tried to watch the game on DVR (I had it recorded) but the quality was so bad that it recorded only 6 garbled minutes. Then I tried to watch the game online (you can do that if you have NBA League Pass) but it kept stuttering that I could only watch a few seconds of action a minute. I was so pissed that I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as this these problems have occurred way too often this season for me.

Anyways I was just able to fast forward to the final 2 minutes and caught glimpses of what happened. I saw that play you talked about with Cassell throwing the ball away (it was 90-90). He was just going through the motions (like how we've complained about Livingston sometimes) and Josh Smith just stepped in front of Thomas for the one of the easiest steals you'll ever see. But then the guy MISSED THE DUNK! But apparently not all the Clippers got back and they got the rebound. Then they put up a shot and Livingston blocked it but another Hawk caught the rebound and put it in. The only other plays I saw were that Kaman offensive rebound followed by that mind-boggling fade-away 15 footer + that Maggette 3-pointer "attempt". When Maggette caught the ball he should've passed it back to Livingston because two Hawks converged on him right away. That's just too bad.

But yeah it shouldn't have come down to those plays. Maybe Ross & Christie should've played more in the 4th since there were so many defensive lapses? Also did the Clippers try to go zone to stop the dribble penetration?

Apparently Mobley was terrific (5 for 6 3's!), and so was Kaman. The best stats for Chris I thought were the *6* blocks and amazingly only 1 turnover in 37 minutes. With Brand out Cassell needed to step up but he was only 1 out of 8 in FG. Thomas and Maggette continued their recent shooting struggles.

I think this game is an example of how the Clippers need to refocus on DEFENSE. That's why they were so successful last year- they were able to shut other teams down. They took PRIDE in their D. I think coach needs to yank guys who aren't doing the job defensively no matter how much they bring to the offense. Go with the lineup of Brand/Singleton, Kaman/Williams, Ross/Christie, Mobley, and Livingston- at this point nobody has the right to b*tch about playing time unless you play D.

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Just another game where the Clips faded in the 4th quarter. This team is slow, plays old, and not very atheletic. Younger, faster, quicker, more athletic teams are passing them by. The whole NBA is trying to emulate the Phoenix Suns, not the Clippers. Dumleavy is coaching a style from a bygone era that doesn't work anymore. We are the old NBA. There is a new NBA, but Coach just doesn't know where it is. We had some athletic players in recent years, but we let them go. Joe Johnson, Chris Wilcox and others. We drafted a very atheletic Guillermo Diaz but sent him to Europe. We have an athletic, energetic James Singleton but play him very little. Maybe coach just needs slow players so his brain can keep up with the game. Kaman still needs to lose 20 pounds and develope some upper body definition. He still looks like the Pillsbury DoughBoy. Folks, there are just to many things that we need to fix. When you think about it, maybe last year was the exception. This year we have just gone back to what the Clippers have always been. Disfunctional.

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Okay I finally was able to watch the entire 4th quarter. It didn't look like the guys collapsed- it was just a steady dose of little things that hurt. The refs called a ton of ticky-tack fouls early in the quarter on the Clippers and didn't blow any whistle when it looked like Maggette got fouled a couple times as was Livingston. Also they missed a ton of open shots- Time Thomas in particular. A couple of missed free throws by Maggette & Livingston really hurt too. Kaman played horribly the first 4 or 5 minutes after he got back in the game. He was so slow in reacting to loose balls and got KILLED on the boards by Pachulia (funny I remember the same thing happened to him when the Clippers lost in Atlanta). It looked like his timing was just off. To make matters worse he goes and bricks a pair of free throws. But after a few minutes he seemed warmed up and his reaction time became better.

Also Josh Smith really took it to Maggette and Thomas- maybe Ross should've come in to try to slow him down. And where was the double team? Also I'm not sure why Ross didn't come in when it was 90-90 and the Hawks' possession with 26 seconds left. Joe Johnson just waltzed by an already-injured Mobley into the lane for a layup.

The culprits for the ugly 4th quarter have to be Tim Thomas (missed a TON of shots and couldn't guard Josh Smith) and Chris Kaman (could not rebound in traffic, 3 missed FT's, & bad decisions).

As far as trades go- I wonder if the Hawks would entertain a Josh Smith for Corey Maggette swap? Maggette is making way more money ($7 mil vs. $1.5 mil), so other pieces would have to be involved.

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