Current Poll Results-Who'll Star on our Summer League Team?

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I'm surprised at the early returns on our poll for who the star of our Summer League team is going to be. It makes sense that Thorton would be in the lead. But the surprise is that DeAndre Jordan almost has as many votes as Thorton. Jordan also has 4 times as many votes as Eric Gordon. Go figure. If you haven't voted yet, make sure you go and vote. The first game is tonight. Who will be our starting 5?

PG - Mike Taylor

SG - Eric Gordon

SF - Al Thorton

PF - Nick Fazekas

D - DeAndre Jordan

What do you guys think? Will Faz start at Center and Jordan at PF?

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I think faz at center. I think gordon will play a little of both. I wonder if davis will watch to see what these guys can do. Or is he scouting.

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I wouldn't be surprised if Baron hops over to Vegas to check it out over the weekend. It would show a lot of team spirit and support for the face of the franchise to show up. Maybe even sit on the bench with the coaches. And cheer.

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I voted for Mike Taylor...I think he's gonna be very impressive!!!

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I'd like to see Eric hit some outside shots. Al pick up from last season. Jordon grab some boards and get some blocks. Mike with 5-7 assists and some steals.

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-mike taylor- making the team for sure. much faster than i expected and can shoot

-eric gordon- the only ones contending with him right now are beasley, lopez, and suprisingly chalmers. more greatness to come

-al thornton- havent seen the best of him yet. just warming up for the season

-fazekas- he has impressed me. even though he has a 1 inch vertical jummp, he gets the ball in somehow. makes the 2 footer consistently

-jordan - extremely well in blocking and being aggressive. can easily fit in to the "new" clipper system.

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Yeah and these guys are only going to get better, a lot better. Eric is Mr. Aggressive. He is going to attack the basket, score, and go to the line. My favorite quote last night during the game was, "Faz at 6'11" has a very effective below the rim game." he he

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