Where's Yaroslav??

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Clipper 6th Man
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I'm watching the Rookie-Sophmore game on TNT and I can't seem to find Yaroslav Korolev. He was drafted two years ago so I know he's a sophmore. He's got to be on the bench somewhere. I see guys that were picked after him playing...Danny Granger, Luther Head, David Lee.

What's that? Yaroslav didn't make the team? You mean his 18 total minutes this season wasn't enough for the NBA people to see how great he's going to be and include him on this team? Well, I'm just glad that we have Mike Dumbleavy to find such a gem with the 12th pick in the draft. Nobody else may see it, but the Clippers really do have a great player in Korolev. If we can resign him, I think he may get about 27 minutes of action next season to display his wonderous skills. Thanks Mike and keep up the good work in the next draft...we may have two first round picks for you to showcase your talent at finding players with potential!

Clipper D-League Pickup
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lol........that was a good one..............i wanted to see davis,,,,,,,but you know......farmer was a better player...

Clipper All-Star
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Korolev was there, disguised as David Lee.

Clipper D-League Pickup
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DUmbleavy the great! What a shame. I sit next to the clipper bench about 15 games a year. I watch this poor guy just sit there in his suit game after game. Knowing full well he has no home or future here. Why not just cut the guy now and let him live a life.

Clipper D-League Pickup
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cause about 3 weeks ago he started making about 5 1/2 million a year for the next 4 years.........

Clipper D-League Pickup
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the guy makes more money than 6 other players on the team....lol

Clipper 6th Man
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What are you talking about? We need Korolev for the playoffs. He's our secret weapon; if we unleashed him for the All Star game that would ruin the surprise.

Site Admin
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Wow- no slack for poor Yaroslav, huh? Wink

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