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Clipper All-Star
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Wow!Great new before starting this season...We won't be the whole season asking ourselves Kaman's future!!!Kaman is ours!!I think is a great way to give him what he deserves...With Kaman&Brand together we have a great frontcourt for years..

Clipper D-League Pickup
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hell yeah

Clipper All-Star
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Alright!! he can only go upwards from here. I like Paul Davis as a backup, he's definitely not a starter, but a solid backup that I think can compliment Brand or Magette.

Clipper 6th Man
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Yeah, without Rebrecca (I'm not sure what his status is, but I think he won't play), we need a quality backup. Davis and Williams provide just that. Having to start with Davis or Williams? Well, I'm just happy Kamen resigned.

Clipper All-Star
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How many teams have their entire starting lineup signed to long term deals. Cat, Kaman, Elton, Sam, and Corey are all in. They will need to next sign Shaun to an extension since he will be the starting PG sooner rather than later. I think they have to get that done before next season. How's that for keeping your core together.

Clipper 6th Man
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Location: Los Angeles
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Now it's time to resign all the intangibles. What's the word on Elgin and Dunlevy? Coaches aren't under the cap right? How much is Dunlevy expected to make? Phil and LB gets paid 10+ a year, but other coaches usually aren't paid more than the talented players themselves.

Clipper Rookie
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Give Coach D $5 Mil/year and EB (the other EB!) 2to3 Mil/year and let's go Clippers!

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