Clippers vs. Suns at Staples

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This will be a nice challenge for the Clippers coming out of the break- let's see if they've worked out some of the kinks in the defense. EB will be back and it seems that Nash will also play.

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oh my...this game made me sick to my stomach!!!!! very disappointing even their scrubs schooled us!! Does Dumblevy listen to anyone? Does anyone know his emai address? i wanna give him a piece of my mind!!!!

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aaaaaaaaaaand we suck

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Yep that was a massacre. On defense the Clippers allowed way too much dribble penetration and guys were getting burned on back-cuts countless times. When a Clipper would contest a shot in the lane to get a miss, nobody boxed out Shawn Marion who would fly in for easy put-backs. The Clippers needed to designate someone mobile to always glue himself to Marion at all times.

On offense it was just too much stagnant 1-on-1 isolation and not enough ball rotation and players cutting. And I don't care if you can't shoot- if you're feeding the post and your man sags off of you you need to let the ball fly towards the hoop. And if you're the post player- I don't care if you're Elton Brand, Shaq, Yao Ming, etc.- if you're doubled team kick the friggin rock back out quickly. Don't dribble to split the double team or force up a shot. Clippers are just not trusting each other enough on offense.

They are in a sad sad state right now, but at least they'll have the next few days to try to figure things out for the better.

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Please oh please, I hope we don't go back to the old days.

I just don't see the hustle in this team.

P.S. Tim Thomas is LAZY!!!

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