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Clipper D-League Pickup
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votes: 0 Click on PODCAST with MIKE DUNLEAVY It is a good interview where Mike talks about the Camby acquisition and how the Clippers figure to play next year. Most importantly at the very end of the interview, when Mike is asked if the Clippers are done wheeling and dealing...Mike says "There will be More!!!" Maybe I am reading too much into this but LISTEN CLOSELY how Mike answers that question... Mike went as far as saying that the Clippers were EXTREMELY close to giving Josh Smith an offer sheet!!!! I also read that the dinner that they had went very well and that Mike....

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this is all insanity. I cannot keep up!

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yea i heard that interview, he said it very matter of factly which does kind of indicate he knows something else is gonna happen...of course he could just be referring to adding another bench player or two...which we know they have to do.

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But now I question if the Clippers want Smith for Camby? Journeyman gave out a good point on why Clippers should say with Camby.

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IF hawks REALLY DO NEED A CENTER, that's a possibility.

OH MAN, the drama continues!

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This summer has been better than a Mexican soap opera. Heroes villians deceit tears. laughter thrills drama or is that melodrama and no used car comercials

Don't you love it

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Here is your most important clue. Look to see if the Clippers schedule a press conference to introduce Camby to LA Clipper fans and the LA press. Silence is golden. If they do not have a press conference, to me that means he is on the trading block.

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What ever happen, I feel bad for Camby. I mean Brand disrespect the Clippers and Nugget disrespect Camby. Oh yes the Drama continue. Due note that I don't feel sorry for any professional sport player because who in the world doesn't want to play sport and get pay in millions? I would work my ass all day for the next 40 years and probably would only make 3 or 4 millions in total. Now if only I was black?

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Hey at least we will get some cheers from denver when he touches the ball (Camby)

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I really wish we got azebuke , that would have been a steal. I cant believe the worriors are going with that many of the same type player on one team. Oh well, anyone hear who we are going after now?

Id assume someone that can "run" since thats what it sounds like Dunleavy is looking to do.

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We are going after ____ ____!, cool huh.

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Lets hope like all those spanish soap operas, nobody gets slapped at the end lmao

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i think jamario moon would be crazy on our team. i wish we could somehow get him. he can play pf or sf.

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