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Everytime ESPN710 plays the highlight over the air and I hear him scream.....I cringe!!! I feel for the guy.

But I thought it was pretty tasteless on AM710's part when there opening intro song was "Down on bended knee" by Boyz II Men.

No disrespect to him, but looking ahead, he is out for at least year, by the time he gets back into playing shape, it looks like he will be ready for the 2008-2009 season.

What can Sam and Daniel contribute?

Do the Clippers need to think about the future a look for a point guard in the draft or through a trade???

I still want Shaun to fill the void, but there is no gurantee that he will ever be what he was.

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Are you serious- they were trying to make fun of someone who just suffered a career-threatening injury? And I think think there's any need for them to keep "replaying" his screams on radio- what are they trying do? That's pathetic.

Short term-wise Sam & Daniel will probably do fine. Main thing is Sam's health and how many minutes can Dunleavy play him every game....

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I spoke earlier about drafting high school kids with a frail toothpick body to play in the NBA. But the kids do get stronger as they mature into men. But when you watch the replay of Shaun's fall, it seems that his body did not have a sense or righting itself automatically when getting ready to land. You know that when you turn a cat upside down and drop them to the floor, in the blink of an eye, they can flip over and land on their feet. I have played full court BBall all my life, and basketball players learn how to land. Sometimes you land on a guys foot and you get a spranged ankle from that. But if you do not have that automatic landing response DNA'd into you brain, you will get injured alot. Shaun encountered very little contact, and did not show the automatic response ability to land like a cat. When he comes back, he better find it or he is in for a long career of rehab. God's speed to a speedy recovery.

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