Chauncy Billups to the CLIPPERS next season

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LOL........Now that I got everyone's attention, it may be wishful thinking on my part, but he is a free agent, we will need a point guard, he's a baller, knows when to score, Finals MVP etc etc.

What do you think about him coming to the Clippers?

Would he fit?

Can it happen?

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sure would be nice but i dont know if it can happen

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That would really help Smile. The guy knows how to win. He would cost a lot, however, so I'm not sure if the Clippers would be able to afford him.

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I do think the Clips will be looking for a stud PG. Sam will be in his last year next season and can not carry the load of minutes anymore without getting hurt. Shaun will eventually come back to play, but he will have had serious injuries to both knees and may not ever be the player we all thought he could turn out to be. And rehab could be slow. So with big question marks about our two top PG's, means the PG position will be a priority this off season. How they are going to be able to pay for top free agent PG is another matter. I guess they could try to fashion a trade, but our roster is thin. Without depth.......

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Billups is almost another Sam Cassell. He's nearing the tail part of his career. Like you guys say...the money may be too much for too little. We need to invest in a younger PG who could handle the duties himself if Livingston and Cassell cant.

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Good point jlemmen43. Billups last two seasons have shown a decline in his play as his shooting percentages are down and as are his assists. Aside from the statistical evidence against pursuing Billups, his attitude is a factor which I don't think would help team harmony. If Livingston were to return from injury next season to play behind Billups it wouldn't help his confidence as Billups is known to somewhat dominate the ball.

In reality the chances of the Clippers landing Billups is very low compared to other teams such as Denver, but is in our best interests to avoid obtaining a player like Billups in my oppinion.

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