Dunleavy's Opening Night strategy didn't work

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Just the night before, the Lakers went with their lineup and forced the Suns to adjust to them. They went with what worked for them. Their Bigs scored 82 points on the Suns and they won. Coach Dunleavy used a starting lineup that adjusted to what the Suns were doing and the team just seemed out of sync all night and they lost. Coach should not be afraid of what the Suns bring to the table and pound them mercifully from down low. Thomas, Brand and Kaman should have been in there most of the night pounding those little guys and our starting lineup and substitution patterns should have been what works for us. You do not beat the Suns playing their game.

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Yeah they should've pounded it inside more and tried to get Phoenix in more foul trouble. Going to the free throw line more would reduce the # of fast break baskets for the Suns and slow down the pace of the game a little. It seemed like they were scrambling on defense much of the night.

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I agree...you have two horses in Kaman and Brand. The ball should be pounded inside every time. Kaman or Brand should touch the ball in the block on every single possession. They can either take advantage of their game inside or kick it out when the other team is forced to double, creating easy shots for teammates. Dunleavy needs to make this happen and in the Phoenix game he went into one of his "Dumb"-leavy phases that we've seen far too many times (everyone remembers Game 5 with Daniel Ewing entering the game in last 2 seconds...or fouling Tim Duncan on the Spurs final possession with the Clippers AHEAD by 2).

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Big Ben, where have you been. We need your perspective and view of the game. You are right. Sometimes Dunleavy can be a really good coach, but other times he does things that just make you wonder, "What is he doing?" He also seems to not be that good when under tremendous pressure. He is very experienced, so it is not for lack of having been there. Sometimes, you just can't see the forest for the trees. I remember the Duncan foul. There is no excuse for that from an NBA coach.

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Definately, in regards to Saturday's game, the Clippers need to force the Suns to play their game. The opener was way too helter-skelter, and played right into the Sun's hands (though I thought they would be tired from having to play back-to-back games). The Clippers need to be methodical with every possession and pound the inside. Even then, the Clippers were close to winning that game; it's just that the easy shots weren't falling. Hopefully Wednesday's game was indeed just the opener, and the Clipper's nerves won't be so raw the next go around.

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