Some close games and top players in college hoops tonight

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I wasn't too pleased with the outcomes of today's games. Southern Illinois got robbed twice regarding the shot clock, and Kansas got extremely lucky. So. Illinois missed one too many opportunties to win that game. I didn't pick them to win, but I'm in a pool with 2 other people and one of them has Kansas picked to lose in the champ. game...I got UCLA picked to beat them next round, so as long as that happens, its good.

Then it was Texas A&M. I cannot believe they lost this game. The dominated a lot of aspects of the game, but again, like So. Illinois, missed one too many opportunites. Acie Law missed a layup on a fast break very late in the game that would have put them up by 3 with little left to play. It seems like his legs didnt give him enough bounce and he missed the layup short. I bet he feels like total crap. He didnt have the best shooting night, but the guy is a freaking animal grabbing loose balls, helping teammates and he still made some amazing shots. Also with Memphis missing like 4 shots in the closing seconds and then drawing a foul at 3 sec. left...that was disheartening. If I was playing, I would have tried to tap that ball as far backwards as I could. But I had TAMU picked to lose in the final four. I'm getting close to being S.O.L. on winning this pool.

UCLA won though, which was good. Tennessee came short on stopping Ohio State which would have been cool. If Oregon or UNC loses tomorrow, I'm screwed. So wish me luck, lol. I'm never putting money on anything I can't control again. I never do, but for some reason I put $20 down in our pool. Figured what the heck. I'm a frickin' idiot!!

But Collison looked very good, on defense especially. Afflalo took a while to get going. I think both of them should stay another year at least. Mario Chalmers (we drafted his older bro a few years ago) for Kansas was pretty good today, as was Russell Robinson. The rest of Kansas looked very frazzled by the Salukis defense. I didnt watch Ohio state/Tennessee...but Chris Lofton is a great shooter and I wonder if he would be a good draft choice for us.

That's all I got, lol.

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Good summary of all the action! I only got to watch the 2nd half of the Ohio State game. Hey that Mike Conley Jr certainly's got game at PG- it's doubtful if he'll come out this year though since he's just a freshman. Chris Lofton looked very good but he's very undersized at 6'2" for SG. But yeah you got to feel for Acie Law- that's a tough way to go out. Good luck with your pool!

Go SC BTW against NC tonight!

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