if we get 6th??

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Do we play the Jazz if we get 6th?? Cuz of division titles. Here I'm thinking if we get 6th place in the west, we would play the Spurs. The Jazz would be a much better matchup!

Wouldn't it be great if we were undefeated in April!!!

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I think the new rules say that even if you're the division champion you're not guaranteed 1 of the top 3. So I think if we finish 6th we'd be playing the Spurs, which would not be good. 7th is probably the best right now vs. the Suns since the Clippers have experience playing them last year in the playoffs.

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David my man,

That was the Suns without Amare

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Today was not a good day for us!. All three teams ,Fakers, Nuggets and GS all won make it even more crucial to win 2morrow. God Bless Clipper fans and lets kick some butt tomorrow..A MUST WIN!!!!!!!!!

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True but would you rather have the Clippers face the Spurs or the Mavs? But yeah it's a tough call- all 3 of those teams would be very tough.

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Yup it's never easy is it? Smile What a big time battle it's going to be tomorrow night. The Clippers do have the advantage of home court and stamina since the Nuggets played.

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