Clippers Management want Vince Carter to sell tickets

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Remember, basketball is a business a Carter is a name. They are thinking how to market their team to us. However, we know Carter is on the down side with a huge contract. It would be a giant mistake to bring him in. If I could do one move, I would try to bring in Ben Gordon some how. I trade Camby for him later on in the year. If we are going to spend that much money, we might as well try and sign Allen Iverson. At least he can still play.

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trade camby for a small guy and we're all of a sudden VERY thin at the big-bodied positions, and extremely overcrowded at the wings.

signing carter would set back thornton and gordo a few years.

and how many shoot first guys can we fit on one roster?

if this happens, i barf.

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clippersblue stop it, please just stop it....carter is a horrible fit for this team, as is ben gordon(especially for camby?!!)....and allen iverson?! do you even watch the have NO IDEA what this team needs! we have more than enough scorers on this team as it is and if you are as passionate about being a clippers fan as most of us, its not about watching stars night in and night out, its about watching a team come together and play as one!...

i'll pass on all three and i'm sure the clippers FO sees it the same way....

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Little touchy. I personally believe we have to see how this season goes before we make any trades and I'm for letting Camby run his contract out here.

Now next season I would be open to dealing Tim Thomas and Cat if we can get a upgrade. People don't tend to have a back-up plan if Bosh or Amare doesn't come here. I want some insurance on if they are going to sign here. DID EVERYONE FORGET THE LAST TIME WE THOUGHT A PLAYER WAS GOING TO SIGN WITH US AND DIDN'T.

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If we were talking a younger, more dedicated, and motivated Vince Carter...I wouldn't have a problem. However, I like the team we have...the Clips just have to stay healthy and continue to mesh. If the Clips playing winning (and more importantly, exciting) basketball, the ticket selling part will take care of itself.

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Baron Davis isn't a big name for ya??? I dunno how many more new season ticket holders has signed on this year.. But I really don't care as long as I have my seats !!

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Vince Carter has always been one of my top 3 favorite players but like some of you say i think he would be a very bad fit. Last thing we need is a me first go to guy who is very weak defensively. Al Thornton is quick and explosive like Carter but also has more defensive toughness.

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should i even try to elaborate? hahaaa.

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Remember when McGrady and Carter were together? Carter admitted he slacked and had to be rescued by his mother. He may say "screw us" and slack off again if he doesn't want to be here. By the end of the season or the beginning of the next, Carter would be on the bench behind Eric Gordon. Will Carter sell tickets? Not if he's washed up and we lose. A poor Quick Fix. I've always been down on Rooks but maybe the Cubbies will change my mind. IF they play as we hope and Mr.Skeptical thinks they will, all will need is a good PF, nothing else. AS much as I love B Gordon we don't need him. Young exciting talent sells tickets Remember Q, Lamar, D Miles.They didnt do s**t but they were fun. With Nash on the decline, Shaq declined and Marion gone, Amare is possible and a young exciting team will pique his interest.

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