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Clipper 6th Man
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The Clippers haven't been eliminated and, if fact, may have a very good chance to qualify for the playoffs. Here's my thinking...there are three teams in the bottom Western Conference playoff race (Lakers, Warriors, and Clippers). Out of those teams, which team do you think that neither Dallas or Phoenix would want to face??? It would have to be Golden State, who is peaking at the right time and has everyone healthy going into the postseason. The Lakers and Clippers are seemingly less dangerous than those Warrios. Dallas is 0-2 against them going into Tuesday nights game. Phoenix is 3-1, but 2 of those wins were won by 4 points or less. And both the Suns and Mavericks could still end up facing the Warriors. If the Lakers end up losing against Sacramento and the Warriors win out, then they will slide into the 7th seed and play the Suns in the first round.

I think Dallas has to go into Golden State Tuesday night to win, playing their regulars and trying to knock the Warriors off. If the Clippers can somehow pull out a win in Phoenix, then they can still get it. It's going to be real tough because Mike D'Antoni says he's going to keep playing normal ball. His regulars played big minutes against the Rockets on Monday night, so hopefully he'll change his plans and rest them a bit against the Clippers. No matter who is on the floor, the Clippers are going to have to play a great game. Let's hope they can do it...and let's hope Dallas can help them out!! Go Clips (although I'm still upset about that King game...make it up to us fans)!!!

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Well put BB. I'm thinking that the Suns must want to rest some of their regulars especially since they played tonight, but we'll see. Regardless the Clippers need to go in and put up a big time effort- the Phoenix bench players aren't exactly pushovers even if their regulars don't play much. Also with the way Golden State is playing, they may well be saying "Bring it on" to Dallas. It's going to be interesting, and will most likely be resolved one way or another tomorrow. Go Clips!!!

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I've had a half bottle of vino and am feeling quite chipper so I hope there aren't too many tipeos. I agree wholeheartedly. The Fat Lady ain't sung yet. Avery has too much pride to lose but it will be a down and dirty dogfight, anybody's game. I think Suns will rest their legs. Guys we forget that if the Clipps get their heads out of their lockers and play to their ability, there are few teams that can beat us and EB and I'm sure SC are REAL PO'D. If our shooters are hot and we can do something with Amare and we play like we're still the bad boys on the block, good chance. Also I don't see Phx with the pride of the Mavs, Spurs or Bulls.

By the by, if the Great #8 and Co. need a good point guard next yr, Stevie Francis may be available

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I had not thought this possibility!!Definetelly the Warriors could be a dangerous team for the Mavs in PO.I'm sure. The Warriors have beaten many times the Mavs during the last seasons...and I'm sure Johnson knows this fact.This is the only hope that I have for tonight...Anyways I wonder if we could beat the Suns.It would be a disaster if the Mavs beat the Warriors but we lose versus the Suns.let's see if our team is tonight ready for this challenge!

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